Chapter 12
The Boxcar


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In the Yacht
"Someone is going to pay for betraying me Andreas. I want you to find out who is spying on me and eliminate them immediately," Helena said, signaling with a flip of her excessively jeweled wrist and hand that she was done with the conversation. Andreas retreated to his little room. He was sick and tired of this life, the one that had cost him his brother Ari. He thought that he had escaped after Luke Spencer had immobilized Helena a week or so ago but he hadn't even gotten to see his parents before he was kidnapped again and brought back into her service. He needed out and fast before she killed him as well.
   Helena sat at her desk and looked at a recent picture of the Spencer family. It had been taken the night of the Nurse's Ball just before the girls had gone into labor and showed them dancing with their fiancees. They were blissfully unaware of the havoc about to be unleashed on them. "As they are now," Helena said pouring herself a drink from the Cognac decanter on the silver bar service to her left. "They are too preoccupied with making sure their babies are alright to even try to stop me from getting what I want," Helena said. Her attention shifted to a framed portrait of Mikkos and an even larger portrait of Stavros which filled up the entire front wall of her bedchamber. "Soon my dears I will avenge your deaths and complete the work you left me Mikkos, I just must find a way to get the Ice Princess back from Luke, this little game should do it. Timoria will be mine at last, and revenge is a dish best served cold," Helena said, her voice conveying her pleasure and madness.
   Andreas silently listened to her newest scheme and knew that he had to escape. He wasn't sure how exactly but every moment he stayed he ran the risk of ending up at the bottom of the river. Helena called to him to escort her off the yacht and into town to run an errand and he plastered on an approving look as they walked along the docks to a table outside of Kelly's where she left a note. This note read:
  Tick, tock goes the clock
  The first son will be mine
  By the time the hour chimes
  No more than Four times Nine
  Unless you bring me the key
  To my husband's Legacy
   Then Helena and Andreas returned to the yacht and Helena spent the night congratulating herself on her brilliant scheme and figuring out where to take Nikolas when Luke failed to produce what she wanted. I cursed you Luke Spencer and I will follow through.
A few hours later
   After the crisis at the hospital the meeting was pushed back to 10 pm and Luke was finally on his way. He still wasn't happy with leaving his children and grandchildren at the hospital, especially since Sonny was with him which left few people that Luke actually trusted to watch over his family. He had grumbled so much that Sonny had actually told him to shut up and get out of the limo. As they approached the outdoor tables Luke noticed the white paper of the note glowing in the moonlight. His blue eyes went cold and anger filled his face with a murderous look Sonny had only seen 2 other times since he had known Luke...and both times the person on the recieving end of that glance ended up 6 feet under. Luke stormed into Kelly's with the note in his hand, slamming the door behind him to announce his presence.

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