Chapter 13
The Boxcar


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Inside Kelly's
   "Good you're here, and you brought Sonny with you, what's wrong Luke?" Robert said as he stared at his friend and one time partner.
   "I found this outside taped to the table, its another one of the Black Widow's mind games," Luke said.
   Robert read the note quickly and handed it to Anna. "It looks like she is definetely planning something involving your family," Anna said.
   "She's only been plotting against us for the last 20 years, the Spencers are pretty used to it by now," Luke said, pulling out a cigar and lighting it.
   "So what's the plan Robert," Sonny asked.
   "Yes what is the WSB plan Robby, I left my sons and grandchildren practically unattended to come here, its like leaving a open invitation for Hells to start casing out the best way to hurt one of them," Luke said.
   "Here's the thing Luke, the rest of the team would prefer not to go out in public in such an important case like this one. They want us to drive over to our safehouse, and as for the kids we have extra men watching the hospital," Robert said.
   "Fine, let's go figure out how to bring Helena down for good," Luke said reluctantly.
3 hours later
   After a nerve-wracking drive down dead end country roads, with occasional backtracking on the highway they were only 10 mins away from their destination. Sonny knew all about safehouses, not only from his 10 year career with the WSB, but from his "other life" as well. Luke stared straight ahead worry lines tracing his forehead as he thought about the sons he was just getting to know, the special women in their lives, his own angel, and his 3 grandchildren who needed someone there for them, just in case. Wait what am I thinking he muttered to himself as he thought, they will be okay and live happily with their parents because I will choke Helena with my bare hands if I have to.
   Sonny's phone rang and broke the silence in the car. Sonny listened to the message intently and a few moments later turned to Luke and told him that Autumn had just been taken into surgery to figure out why she had started seizing in the room, and also becuase she had re-opened her staples. They pulled up to the slightly run down house about 3 minutes later and walked in the door to find all of Port Charles's agents seated around the dining room table. "Its about time you showed up here Sonny," Taggart said. "We were delayed by a note from Helena...a threat.on my kids," Luke said, angrily staring at Taggart. Alright if everyone would just settle down," came a strong clear voce. She stepped out of the doorway and gave Sonny a hug as well as Luke. ", great to see you," Luke said. "Welcome back to the WSB Luke," Holly said.
The Meeting
   "First order of business is to figure out what Helena is up to this time and how we can use our inside information to the greatest advantage," Sean said. "We have someone on the inside of Helena's organization again, I thought our last contact was killed," Sonny said. "Who is this contact and are you sure you can trust him?" Luke asked staring at his friend Sean, whom he hadn't seen for about 10 years, since Luke accidently shot Sean and caused him to need therapy. "We'll get in to who he is and why he is important in a few minutes, we also have to figure out what Helena wants with Luke," Frisco said. "Besides having a vendetta against my family for the better part of 2 decades and trying to kill us again you mean," Luke said. "There is something bigger that she wants and she isn't going to stop until she gets it." Taggart said.
"Now that I know that Taggart is WSB how come you wouldn't let me blow Helena's yacht to hell with plastique, it would have saved a lot of time," Luke said. "I didn't want Mac to get suspicious of Taggart, if you would have blown the yacht up and Taggart wouldn't have arrested you the whole network of agents would have fallen apart, you should know that Luke," Sonny said. "Plus Luke that note you showed me earlier it was a clue towards what Helena is up to right now. What do you have that she wants besides your family, something about Mikkos's legacy, do you know anything about that Luke?" Robert said. "All I can think of is my family and whether they are okay, that's what she's always been after especially since Laura and I got Lucky back and cured the brainwashing," Luke said. "Think Luke come on there's got to be something that comes to mind," Holly said.
   "Wait, the other note under Autumn's pillow said something about it can't be, why after all this time would she plot something like this," Luke said, his thoughts unclear.
   "what did she mention Luke, just tell us," Anna said.
   "She said she wouldn't stop until she had the Ice Princess, but what would she want with it after all this time," Luke said.
   "Sit down Luke, there's something we need to show you and you aren't going to like it," Roy said, unrolling a small map and some plans.
   "What are these plans to?" Luke asked, afraid of the answer.
   "Luke don't you recognize them, they are plans to the weather machine," Robert said.
   "Yes I recognize them but what is Helena doing with them," Luke said.
   "We're pretty sure she wants the Ice Princess back so she can rebuild the weather machine." Robert answered.

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