Chapter 11
The Boxcar


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Further down the hallway
   Luke walked towards the man and asked him, "What color is the Kangaroo?" The man pulled out his cell phone and dialed a number rapidly, asking the person on the other end the same question that Luke had asked. A few minutes later the mystery man replied, "The Kangaroo is green," and handed Luke the phone.    The voice that he heard a few moments later nearly caused Luke to drop the phone in shock. The man on the other end said, "Hey Mate, I hear you've gotten yourself in another mess, aren't you a little old for all this adventure old man." Luke recovered quickly and in a firm voice demanded to know what the coded message from earlier had meant.
   Robert covered the phone with his hand and gestured to the other person in the room saying "He wants to know the rest of the message, but I'll have to tell him who you are to deliver it," The dark haired women stood up and absentmindedly brushed the lint from her black pants suit and said, "He'll have to know sometime luv, might as well tell him now." Robert turned his attention back to the phone and spent the next few minutes trying to smooth Luke's ruffled feathers for taking so long to get back on the line. "Alright pal, what are you hiding and what do you know about my family?" Luke asked.
   "You have to calm down Luke, and understand that I am really not supposed to be telling you this, if this information gets out it could blow our whole case against the Cassadine's and you will be dealing with a lot of pissed off agents," Robert said. "Since when have we played by the rules Robby, just tell me what is going to happen to my family, who is supposed to die?" Luke said. "Ok, as you can tell I wasn't killed in that boat explosion," Robert started. "Neither was Faison, that was pretty obvious when he kidnapped my son for a year," Luke said. "We're sorry about that, we lost contact with Faison right after he started working with Helena, otherwise we would have stopped that from happening...anyway as I was saying...not only did I not die, but Anna is still alive as fact she's my partner at the WSB...Luke are you there?" Robert said noticing that Luke wasn't interupting or asking stupid questions. "Does anyone ever die in this town....just get to the point Robert...the she-devil is trying to off my kids and grandkids and I want to know what to do to be rid of Helena Cassadine once and for all," Luke said.
   "Its not that simple Luke, you've been trying to get rid of her one way or another for the last 20 years, I really need to call in the rest of the agents to find out how to proceed on this case," Robert said. "I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THAT ROBBY AND NEITHER DOES MY FAMILY," Luke yelled. "Please Luke it would only take 2 hours tops for the rest of the task force to get together, then we can fill you in on the situation," Robert said, as Anna handed him a manila folder with the emergency numbers for the other agents in it. "Who is on this task force?" Luke asked. "Well...since you would be joining us, unofficially anyway, I guess I can tell you, it is Me, Anna, Sean Donnely, by the way Tiffany says that if you shoot her husband this time she will have to hurt you, Holly, Frisco, and some undercover agents who live in Port Charles already or have lived there recently." Robert said. "It will be good to see Sean and English again, who are the undercover agents?" Luke asked.
"Marcus Taggart...." Robert started before being interrupted by Luke's protest. "No way am I working with that over-grown cue ball," Luke shouted. "Luke be reasonable he is one of the best agents we have, besides there are plenty of other people to help him, Hannah Scott, Roy, Hutch, and your friend Sonny Corinthos," Robert said finishing the list. "SONNY is WSB....since when can he and Taggart stand in the same room for more than 2 minutes without killing each other let alone work together?" Luke said. "That's just a facade so no one gets suspicious, they are actually best friends," Robert said. "Boy old Port Chuck is never boring," Luke said. "Look Luke we will be there in 2 hours, lets meet at Kelly's and we will discuss what to do from here," Robert said ending the phone call with the push of a button. "Ready to go back to Port Charles my luv?" Robert asked Anna as she grabbed their bag and they left the small motel room outside of Niagra Falls. Little did they know what would await them when they returned to Port Charles, but the fate of the next generation of the Spencer family depended on them being heroes once again.
Back in our room
   Sonny had insisted on sitting in our room watching over us. Carly stayed as well and the two of them watched as Nikolas, Lucky, and Zander calmly and gently put us to sleep. Neither of them said a word, almost afraid to break the boys silent watch over their angels. It would be a long hard road filled with tough decisions and when it was all over we would never be quite the same again. Sonny finally stood up quietly and paced over to the door. Carly looked over and he was whipering a prayer to Lily in heaven to watch over everyone and to keep us safe. Carly's eyes filled with tears as she walked over to stand next to her husband. They stood there guarding our door for the rest of the night.
   Sleep came easily but it wasn't peaceful. I woke up screaming and fighting with Nikolas. Sonny finally had to come over and help Lucky, Nikolas, and Zander hold me down so that I wouldn't rip the staples out of my stomach while Carly ran to get a nurse. Luke came running back in followed by Bobbie who had just reported for duty. Luke came over to my bed and took over Nikolas's place holding me down while Nikolas tried to ask me what the nightmare had been about. "Helena, she came in earlier and whispered something in my ear about taking what was rightfully hers. She left a note somewhere...where is it, it's important that we find it." I said, struggling against the people holding me down on the bed. Luke felt his heart sink when he looked under my pillow and saw a piece of white paper with blood red lettering, like the note that had been left with the fetus in a box. The note simply read:
  Return what's mine or I'll take a son for a son...and since you killed him     twice I will have to take 2 sons. You have exactly 1 week to decide. Each day you delay   is more you will have to pay. -H-
   The sound of Helena's laughter filled my head and I began thrashing in bed. Nikolas was in tears watching me seizing. Bobbie called for Tony to come down to do a neurological assessment on me as my body continued out of control. I was wheeled out of the room and away from Nikolas. He slumped to the floor, no longer able to hide his emotions and curled up in a ball and sobbed. In the meantime they had rushed me into the OR to re-staple my incision because I had started bleeding. As I lay on the table my blood pressure started to drop for no reason and I slipped into a coma.

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