Chapter 9
The Boxcar


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Outside Of The Girls' Room
"HOW IN THE HELL DID SHE ESCAPE CORINTHOS? She was supposed to be locked up like a death row inmate, and instead here she is waltzing through GH like its her private palace," Luke ranted.
"I don't know Luke, I had 5 men guarding her, but then we needed backup here after what happened with Sly and everything, so I sent for 2 of the guards to come here," Sonny said.
"I just want to know how she regained control of her body, that drug was supposed to paralyze her for at least a month, it worked before," Nikolas said, turning his head to look in the door at Autumn, Elizabeth and Emily.
"Wait, when she was under the drug before didn't Faison give her some antedote so he could set her free?" Sonny asked.
"Yes he did, that's when he was working with the old bat at brainwashing my son, and he set her free to finish the job," Luke said angrily.
"So maybe this time the drug didn't work for as long because she already had the antedote in her system," Nikolas said slowly, trying to figure out what to do next.
"In that case what are we supposed to do?" Sonny asked.
"I'll kill that old hag with my bare hands," Luke said suddenly.
"Luke no, you won't do your kids or grandkids any good rotting away in Pentonville," Sonny said.
"It's justifiable homicide," Luke said.
"That would depend on who you are planning to kill," Alexis said suddenly, appearing from down the hall with a stack of legal briefs in her hand.
"Your evil Step-Mother the black widow, want to help Natasha?" Luke said smiling.
"You're obviously forgetting the last time we tried to eliminate Helena and ended up killing Katherine instead," Alexis said.
"Kat came back," Luke said.
"And with our luck Helena would come back too, she probably has herself cloned and cryogenically frozen somewhere under Port Charles ready to wreak havoc the moment she is dead," Alexis said.
"We had her in a safe house paralyzed, but she escaped," Nikolas said, looking again into the room where his fiancee lay trying to sleep.
"If she was paralyzed how did she escape?" Alexis asked.
"She got unparalyzed somehow and she is skulking around the hospital waiting to hurt my family again," Luke said.
"I want to help," Alexis said, after thinking about the situation.
"No Alexis, it's too dangerous for you," Sonny said.
"You don't control me Corinthos, and besides, you are letting Carly and Laura help, so count me in," Alexis said finally.
"Fine, now what's the plan, I want to defeat the Cassadines once and for all," Luke said seriously.

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