Chapter 10
The Boxcar


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Outside the OR
    Monica paused for a moment just inside the double doors of the OR. She was trying to come up with the right words to tell the anxious family members that the surgery had been successful, but that they would have to wait and see what the result was for the patient. This time though there was an added challenge, one of the nervous mothers was her own daughter Emily, waiting for word on her precious daughter Lila.
   "Monica, the babies, they're okay aren't they?" Laura asked as soon as Monica came into view.
   "The operations went pretty well, there were a few minor complications but all 3 babies came out of it okay and they are in the Neonatal ICU to recover," Monica said, hesitating long enough for Luke to interrupt.
   "So they are going to be just fine then Doc?" he said.
   "They aren't out of the woods yet Luke, the next 48 to 72 hours is critical to see how the heart responds to the changes I made, and Autumn's daughter Leilani may take longer to come out of the drug induced coma since she had the most difficult heart problem," Monica said.
   "Look doctor we may not have that much time, Helena is on the loose somehow and she's in the hospital looking to make sure those babies don't make it home," Luke said bluntly.
   "I'll station more of my men around the babies Luke and a few guards for the girls as well, that's about all we can do," Sonny said.
   "Yes come on Uncle Luke we have to go tell your daughters in law that their babies are still alive, before they get out of bed to see for themselves, " Carly said.
Outside of Our Room
    "When are we going to hear something its been ages since Carly came here to tell us what is happening, that's it I am getting up and finding out what is going on myself," I said, determined to make sure my daughter stayed safe and out of Helena's clutches.
   "Autumn you stay in that bed and wait for some news on our daughter, I won't have you risking your life to check on Leilani, I love you too much to let you do that," Nikolas said.
   "But what if something is wrong, the surgery was supposed to have been over 2 hours ago, what if she's dead, our precious baby girl," I said, sobbing uncontrolably.
   Someone knocked on the door but we didn't hear it through the sounds of crying and sniffling from the three of us girls. The guys even shed a few tears thinking that we may have lost our babies to this evil that haunted us wherever we went.
   "We have some news," Carly said, poking her head in the door.
   "Are they alright, did they make it through the surgery, will they be okay?" we asked firing questions at her as fast as we could think of them.
   "Monica said that all three babies made it through the operations but there were a few minor complications and for now they are in the Neonatal ICU in a drug induced coma to minimize the effects of surgery, especially on Leilani. But she said not to worry that it went very well," Carly said, smiling just a little to reassure the nervous new mothers.
   As this conversation was taking place Luke was watching a suspicious man at the end of the hallway. He seemed to be talking occasionally into a small cell phone but Luke was too far away to hear what he was saying clearly. Sonny sent one of the bodyguards to take a closer look. A few minutes later Johnny came back shaken and pale and told Sonny that the man had spoken mostly a foreign language, but then switched to English and said a phrase that didn't make any sense to him. Johnny figured it was a coded message of some sort. When he repeated the message Luke turned 3 shades paler and was visibly shaken.
   "What is it Luke, what does the message mean?" Sonny asked.
   "It can't be, he's dead," Luke said shaking his head.
   "Who sent the message Luke, it might be important to save your children and grandchildren," Sonny asked.
   "The last time I heard that message was right before Faison blew up the boat with he, Anna, and Robert in it, but that's impossible, they are all dead already and only one of them knew the code," Luke said.
   "What does it mean Luke, and who knew the code?" Sonny asked.
   "Robert Scorpio and I made up the code to send messages to the WSB about the wherabouts of our families, it means that someone will die in less than 48 hours," Luke said, staring in the direction of the room where his sons and daughters in law sat trying to recover from everything that had happened in the last few days. His blue eyes pooled with tears and two of them slowly trailed down his face and onto his shirt collar.  

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