Chapter 2
The Boxcar


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On the Docks
   "Do you know what you are supposed to do," the man said, his face obscured by the shadows.
   "Yes sir, I will do my job," the other man said, staring off into space.
   "And you know what you are supposed to do afterwards?" the first man said.
   "I am to kill myself so that my actions cannot be traced," the other man said in a low almost monotone voice.
   "Good, now get going, it needs to be done tonight," the first man said.
   A young man walked quickly through the doors of the hospital. He looked straight ahead, his purpose clear. He walked over to the elevators and pushed the button for the 8th floor. When he stepped off the elevator he looked at the signs to find the NICU and walked towards the glass windows at the end of the hall. He shouldn't have a problem getting close to them, he thought, since everyone thinks that he is a part of the family. All he knows is he has a job to do, and he intended to do it.
   "What's your name young man, are you part of the family?" Francis asked taking a step towards the young man.
   "I am a part of the family, I just want to look in at the babies," the man said.
   "You aren't allowed to go in there, not unless your name is on the list," Francis said.
   "I will do my job," the young man said, waving a vial under Francis's nose.
   Francis slowly fell into his chair unconscious as the young man entered the NICU. The doctors and nurses were making their rounds of the regular nursery room and the young man was the only one in the room. He walked quickly over to the three bassinets, 2 marked Baby Girl Spencer, and the other marked Baby Boy Spencer.
   "Too bad you were born so early, then I could save at least the little boy, girls are worthless, but none of you will survive going outside, so I will just have to kill you," he said. He grabbed the small rubber tubing protuding from the baby boy's mouth and started twisting it apart, but it was taped together well and didn't immediately come apart.
   "Autumn, please wake up, you need to go see our daughter, she is so beautiful, just like you," Nikolas said, pleading for the second day in a row for me to wake up.
   I opened my eyes at last and asked "The baby...di..did we lose the baby?"
   "No, we have a little girl, she is upstairs in the NICU waiting for her mommy," Nikolas said, his eyes red from crying and even more unshed tears threatening to fall.
   "I..I want to see her, I need to see her," I said, starting to try to sit up.
   "Autumn be careful, I almost lost you again, and I don't want to go through that ever again, promise me you won't do anything that might hurt you," Nikolas said.
   "Nikolas I want to see my baby, please, she needs me," I said, tears running down my face.
   "I will go ask Bobbie and Dr. Wexler and see when it will be safe for you to go upstairs to see her, I was going to name her, but I decided to wait until you could pick her name," Nikolas said.
   "Hurry back, are Elizabeth and Emily's babies okay too, and why am I in a room alone?" I asked.
   "They are across the hall, and all the babies are fine, Emily also had a girl, and Elizabeth had a boy," Nikolas said.
   "I guess Luke gets another namesake after all," I said smiling faintly.
   Nikolas went out in the hallway to ask Bobbie when I could go see our daughter, but Dr. Wexler didn't want me to move until at least the end of the day, preferably not until tomorrow. As Nikolas stood in the hallway with Luke, Laura, Bobbie, Sonny, Carly, and Dr. Wexler, Bobbie's pager went off. She called up to the NICU to answer it and went pale.
   "It was one of your men Sonny, something happened to Francis, we have to get upstairs," Bobbie said in a panic.
   Luke took off up the stairs shouting that if anything happened to his grandchildren that he would have Sonny's heart for breakfast. Sonny called his men on his cell phone and let out a stream of curses as he ran up the stairs, offering to cut his own heart out for Luke if something happened.
   The young man realized that his time was running out, and that he had failed his task. He thought that if maybe he hid out he could get one more chance to do what she asked him to do. So he stayed where he was in the NICU, crouched between the bassinettes.
   Luke and Sonny burst into the NICU doors, startling the one nurse who had rushed back into the room about 2 minutes earlier. Nobody saw the young man, dressed in hospital scrubs, slipping a clamp on the air hose on Baby Boy Spencer. Luke strode over to the babies and smiled as he thought that everything was just fine, but then he noticed that the boy was having trouble breathing and looked down at the equiptment to figure out the cause of the problems. He saw the clamp and cursed softly.
   He told the nurse what he had seen and she examined the baby quickly, as soon as the clamp was removed his lips pinked back up and he let out a wail, letting the nurse and everyone know that he was fine. Even so all three babies were checked out to make sure that they were okay.
   The young man inched towards the door, intending to escape the hospital and kill himself as ordered before anyone discovered him. He wasn't that lucky. Out of the corner of his eye Sonny saw a black shadowy figure moving, and everyone heard the IV pole fall to the ground as the young man hit it with his knee and let out a soft curse.
   Luke walked over to the young man and grabbed his arm to keep him from going anywhere. He turned the young man around and was shocked to see who it was.
   "What the hell are you doing in here and why were you trying to kill my grandchildren?" Luke asked.
   "I am just doing my duty," the young man said.
   "What is wrong with you?" Luke asked.
   "I am doing my job, and now it is over, so I must go and eliminate myself," he said.
   "Don't you remember me?" Luke asked.
   "Do I know you?" the young man asked.
   "Yes you know me," Luke said.
   "You are of no importance," the young man said, struggling to get out of Luke's grasp.
   Just then Lucky, Zander and Nikolas walked into the NICU to see what was going on. They saw the young man that Luke had pinned to the wall, and realized that he must have been the one to have caused the problem with the babies.
   Lucky walked over to the young man, wanting to see his face, the face of the person who tried to kill his son. He gasped as he recognized who it was.
   "Sly, what are you doing here and why did you try to kill my son?" Lucky asked, almost speechless.   

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