Chapter 3
The Boxcar


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Inside the NICU
     "My job is done," Sly said, his blue eyes unblinking as he stared at the angry faces surrounding him.
   "I ASKED YOU WHAT YOU WERE DOING TRYING TO KILL MY SON," Lucky said, pinning his cousin to the wall and shouting in his face.
   "It was my job," Sly said, in a low monotone voice.
   Lucky recognized that voice, he had talked that way when he was under Helena's control. "Dad, the viper did it again, she brainwashed him like she did to me, he doesn't know what he is doing any more than I did," Lucky said.
   "I know exactly what I am doing Lucky, I am paying the Spencer's back for killing my father years ago, you deserve everything that happens to you, and I intend to get my revenge," Sly said, fighting against Luke and Lucky who still had him pinned to the wall.
   "DAMMIT SLY, YOU ARE FAMILY, DON'T DO THIS, DON'T GIVE IN TO THAT VIPER FROM HELL," Luke shouted as he shook Sly by the shoulders.
   "Um, Dad, maybe we should move this "conversation" to another location, I think you are scaring the babies," Nikolas said, surprised that he called Luke dad.
   "You're right, let's move this to the stairwell boys," Luke said, also surprised to hear the word dad from Nikolas's mouth.
   They surrounded Sly and dragged him into the nearest stairwell where they continued to ask him questions about why he was doing this. They managed to get a little bit of information out of him, that he was working for Heleana (they assumed although he never actually said her name), that he was sent to kill the babies, and that he was told that he would be avenging his father's death (which was supposidly the Spencer's fault). They also found out that he was supposed to kill himself when his job was done, whether he was successful or not.
   "There will be others, she will not stop until you have paid for every death you have caused," Sly said, slowly loosening Luke's grip on his arms so he could escape and kill himself. He continued to stare straight ahead. None of the familiar feeling of family came back to him as he stared at his uncle and one time surrogate father.
   Sonny stepped a short distance away and made a few calls on his cell phone, ordering security on both the girls and the babies to be tripled, as well as other men to track down and eliminate anyone in Helena's employment to be sure that this wouldn't happen again.
   "Sly man, we used to be so close, I know what you are going through, she did the same thing to me, but you can fight it. We can help you fight the poison she filled your head with. Just let us help you Sly," Lucky said, begging his cousin and one time best friend to try to help himself beat Helena's control.
   "He's right Sly, Helena is unable to hurt you anymore, we've taken care of her," Luke said, loosening his grip just a little.
   "More blood on your hands, when will you Spencer's learn that every life you take will be avenged, she saved me from you people, I am not part of your family," Sly said, noticing that Luke had loosened his grip. He took advantage of the opprotunity and slipped away, fleeing down the stairs to the main floor of the hospital and then outside.
   Luke, Lucky, Nikolas, Zander, and Sonny chased him a little ways into the entrance of the park, but Sly was too quick for him and they soon lost him in the bushes, since he didn't stick to the path.
   A few minutes later they heard a gunshot echo through the stillness of the night. When Sonny send one of his men to investigate he found Sly's body laying in the fountain in the center of the park with a bullet wound to the temple. He was dead.
   Everyone went back to the hospital, not wanting to leave the girls or the babies alone too much longer in case Helena had sent someone to finish the job. Nikolas, Lucky, and Zander struggled to find a way to tell the girls what had just happened. They didn't want them panicking and possibly injuring themselves so soon after surgery.
In the ICU
   When they stepped off the the elevator and walked over to the ICU they noticed Dr. Wexler, Dr. Ramsey, Bobbie, and Drs. Alan and Monica Quartermaine standing at the nurse's station near the girl's rooms. They were deep in conversation, concern showing on thier faces. The boys could tell that it was bad news. Their news about what had just happened to the babies could wait, they could only deal with one piece of bad news at a time.
   "What happenened, is Elizabeth okay, did something happen to the baby?" Lucky asked, panic creeping into his voice.
   "Good, we need to talk to all of you, there is an important decision you have to make about the babies," Dr. Wexler said, holding the latest test results.
   "What's wrong with them? We were just up there and they seemed fine," Nikolas said, not mentioning Sly and what had happened just a few minutes ago.
   "They are fine for now, but they could have a serious problem in the next couple of months," Dr. Wexler said.
   "Whatever it is you had better discuss it with the babies mother's too," Zander said.
   "We will, however they are not in the best state of mind to sign the consent forms, so we need to discuss this with you first," Bobbie said.
   "We will just go down and get some coffee," Luke said, as he, Sonny, Carly, and Laura started to move towards the elevators.
   "Please stay Dad, you are the babies grandfather after all, everyone else too, please," Zander said, also surprised to call Luke dad.
   "Okay son we'll stay, what's up with my grandchildren Doc?" Luke asked.
   "As I was saying, there aren't any problems right now, aside from normal premie complications and minor things, but if we don't do something soon we may lose all three of the babies. Unfortunetly to fix the problem we risk losing them anyway, so its up to you what we do for them," Dr. Wexler said. 

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