Chapter 1
The Boxcar


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Outside the OR
   Luke, Laura, Carly, and Sonny walked up the hall to see what was taking so long and stared as the boys clung to each other, openly sobbing. Laura walked up to them and opened her arms. All three boys rose and gave her a hug. Then Luke, Sonny and Carly offered hugs. No explanations were needed, their faces clearly showed that something had not gone right. Sonny allowed a few tears to fall, thinking of Lily, Brenda, and his 2 children in heaven, and now violence and revenge had claimed more lives.
   "You have 2 granddaughters and a grandson," Nikolas finally said, in a voice barely above a whisper and husky from hours of crying.
   "It looks like there will be another Lucas Lorenzo Spencer in Port Charles after all, Elizabeth had the boy," Lucky added.
   "If the babies are okay, then why are you out here instead of in there with your fiancees?" Carly asked, immediately regretting her question.
   "They flatlined about 10 minutes ago, the doctors kicked us out of the room, and we haven't heard anything since," Zander said, another sob escaping his throat.
Inside the OR
   "How long have they been down?" Dr. Wexler asked, clinging onto the hope that she might save them yet.
   "15 minutes, should we keep going?" Dr. Ramsey asked, not experienced in high risk premie births such as this.
   "Shock them again at 300, we need to save them, their babies need their mothers," Dr. Wexler said.
   "What should I tell the family out there?" Bobbie asked, weary of watching her almost nieces lay there unresponsive and still bleeding out on the OR floor.
   "Tell them that we haven't given up yet and we are doing everything we can," Dr. Wexler said.
   "Where are those other 10 units of blood?" Dr. Ramsey asked exasperated as he desperately tried to salvage Autumn's chances of ever having another child.
   "Dammit we can't stop the bleeding long enough to get the heart to keep going on its own, we may need to do a hysterectomy," Dr. Wexler said in frustration.
   "Stand clear," Nurse Gabriella said, shocking Emily again. Finally one of them had a heart rate, and her bleeding had slowed. Elizabeth also seemed to be coming around, although it took two more shocks to get her heart stable again. Autumn on the other hand continued to bleed and her heart rate was so minimal it was still considered to be nonexsistent.
   "How long has she been down?" Bobbie asked.
   "20 minutes," Dr. Ramsey said.
   "Should we call it?" Nurse Gabriella asked.
   "One more try, here's another unit of blood," Dr. Wexler said.
   "Shocking, stand clear," Bobbie said.
   The air was still for a moment until everyone heard the faint but regular beating of Autumn's heart echo in the OR. It was close but for now they had her back. "How do her pupils look, any signs of brain damage?" Dr. Wexler asked.
   "Round equal and reactive to light, she has good oxygenation too, and I've almost got the bleeder under control, we may be able to salvage her uterus after all," Dr. Ramsey said, sewing the last stubborn blood vessel back together.
   "Bobbie, tell the rest of the family that they are in serious, but stable condition, they will be going to the ICU in about 15 minutes, and the babies are okay and on their way to the NICU," Dr. Wexler said breathing a sigh of relief.
Outside the OR
   "Barbara Jean, is there any news?" Luke said practically grabbing his little sister as she came out of the OR, exhausted and covered in the blood of her 3 nieces-in-law.
   "The babies are on their way to the NICU, they are in fair condition, on respirators and we'll see how that goes, as for their mothers, it was a close call, but they are on their way to ICU in serious, but stable condition," she said, tears of relief and sadness spilling down her face.
   "So they are going to be okay, when can I see Autumn," Nikolas said, his voice almost impossible to hear, it was so choked with emotion.
   "It will be touch and go, especially with Autumn, she was flatlined the longest, and sustained the most bleeding, the next 72 hours are critical," Bobbie said as her pager went off and she was called to the ICU to check something with Autumn, Elizabeth, and Emily.
   Once again Nikolas dropped to his knees and thanked God for giving them another chance. Then he went up to the NICU to see his daughter and give her a name.

Chapter 2