Chapter 47
The Boxcar


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Two weeks later
The Versaille Room
   "Welcome ladies and gentleman to the 10th Annual Nurse's Ball to support the Stone Cates Memorial Pediatric AIDS wing here at General Hospital as well as the Elizabeth Glasier Pediatric AIDS foundation and other AIDS related charities," Lucy Coe-Collins said, as the lights brightened up over the stage and showed off her black evening gown. "This evening we have many great performances, so enjoy yourselves and remember, buy your raffle tickets from Lila Quartermaine early for this year's drawing, and bid on those silent auction items," Lucy said, finishing her speech.
   "Before our first performance tonight we would like to ask everyone to say a prayer for our fiancee's who, as you may know, were supposed to join us this evening, however they aren't feeling well, so they stayed at home," Lucky said on behalf of Nikolas and Zander as well. Everyone said a quick silent prayer for Emily, Elizabeth, and Autumn.
   "Now our first performer tonight is Eddie Maine, singing "You've Lost that Loving Feelin" by The Rightous Brothers," Lucy said. Ned walked out onto the stage wearing his usual black leather pants and a silver shirt. He was a huge hit as usual, except for Edward of course who sat and grumbled through his performance until Lila, who had come back from the ticket booth to watch the show, gave him a swat on the arm and told him to be quiet.
   "Thank you Ned, now our next performer is something special, too bad we can't convince him to perform regularly instead of just when we have a space to fill. Luke Spencer is here to sing for everyone because his future daughters-in-law Elizabeth, Autumn, and Emily were unable to be here as Lucky said. Take it away Luke, singing "House of the Rising Sun" by The Doors," Lucy said, wearing outfit number 2 which was a blue silk skirt and a white sparkly shirt.
   After 5 or 6 more acts and another chorus line with Lucy in her underwear plus several more outfits from Lucy she came back out in a red dress with pearl accents. "I would like to let everyone know that we have raised more money this year than in the first 9 Nurse's Ball combined, so thank you for your generosity, especially to Alexis Davis and Kristina Cassadine, who have donated 10 billion dollars to the cause this evening. Let's take a short break folks, go buy some more raffle tickets," Lucy said.
   During this break Luke and Sonny took the opprotunity to watch Helena closely, but she didn't present them an opprotunity to inject her with the paralyzer, which had been mixed with a sedative so they could bring her to the safe house that Sonny had found for her. "Looks like we will have to do it after the show, on our way out the door, we don't want to interrupt Nikolas, Zander, and Lucky when they perform," Sonny said smiling as the boys got up and went backstage to get ready for their performance.
   "No we don't, are you all ready for your part Sweet Caroline, you have to make the arguement good if you want to catch her off guard," Luke said.
   "I am ready Luke, but what about Andreas, he is always hovering around her everywhere she goes, how will we get him out of the way?" Carly asked.
   "He has been taken care of, he should be on his way to a very small island near Greece where his parents live, he was kidnapped from them by Helena years ago, I just returned him to his home," Sonny said.
   "Thank you everyone, tonight Lucky, Nikolas, and Zander have agreed to not only perform one song, but a medley of songs, dedicated to their fiancee's and their babies on the way. They will be singing "I Do (Cherish You)" by 98 Degrees, "Drowning" by the Backstreet Boys, and "Because of You" also by 98 Degrees," Lucy said, stepping off of the stage as the lights dimmed, her white pants suit glowing in the lowered stage lights.
   "This is for you girls, thank you for everything you have done for us," Lucky said.
   "We owe you a dance tonight," Nikolas said.
   "We will be home soon," Zander finished up.
   They sang the three songs and then walked off stage to thunderous applause. Finally the time came for the sing-a-long at the end of the show. The time also came to put the plan into motion for the Spencers and Sonny. Dara Jensen took the stage, the AIDS quilt layed out behind her and started singing "I Will Remember You" by Sarah McLaughlin.
   As her voice filled the room Helena got up and started making her way to the back of the room. Carly discretly got up and followed her as Luke, Sonny, Nikolas, Zander, and Lucky slipped out the back entrance into the alley where a white van waited. It was finally time for the Spencer's to end this feud once and for all.


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