Chapter 48
The Boxcar


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     "Hello Helena," Carly said, walking up to Helena as she was about to start walking down the street.
   "Spencer, what do you want?" Helena said amused that a Spencer would just walk up to her and start a conversation.
   "I just wanted to say what a fine Spencer Nikolas is turning out to be, its a shame his real family was robbed of the chance to watch him grow up. He loves Autumn so much, he must have learned that from his mother and father somehow. Luke and Laura are still together after all these years, isn't that amazing Helena," Carly said, trying to control her heart, which she could feel beating in her ears.
   "You would do well to remember to stay away from me in the future Caroline, now I must be going," Helena said looking everywhere for Andreas.
   "Looking for something, or should I say someone Helena?" Luke said, coming out from the side of the building.
   "Hello Luke darling," Helena said, coming over to Luke.
   "Helena," Luke said taking one step back away from her arms.
   "I do so enjoy these little games, now tell me what you've done with Andreas so I can be on my way home," Helena said, practically purring in Luke's ear.
   Sonny was getting sick watching her play with Luke, he decided to jump into the conversation to throw Helena off guard so that Luke could inject her and be done with it. "Andreas is no longer in your service, he was returned to his parents, you no longer have need for his services," Sonny said stepping forward out of the shadows.
   Luke in the meantime had removed the syringe from his pocket and was just about to inject Helena when she asked "And why would that be Mr. Corinthos," she said leaning closer to Sonny.
   "Because of this my dear viper, say goodnight Helena," Luke said, laughing as he injected her with the drugs that would keep Helena at the mercy of the Spencer's until Luke decided that the game was over.
   Helena slumped forward and Sonny and Luke picked her and put her in the van while Carly, Lucky, Nikolas, and Zander stood guard to make sure that no one was coming who would be wondering what they were doing. Nobody did come and soon the van was on its way to the safe house carrying the cause of their nightmares.
   Everyone climbed into the limo and started to head back to the penthouse, having promised the girls a fun evening. Luke looked forward to seeing Laura, now that the black widow had been put to sleep, soon he thought, she will sleep forever soon, once I figure out how to kill her.
   They got to the penthouse and Francis told them that we had been talking with Laura all afternoon and evening so far and that we had rested as they had requested. Laura and Lulu were sitting in our room when everyone walked in.
   "Hey honey, it's done," Lucky said to Elizabeth.
   "How did it go?" I asked
   "Just how we planned it," Nikolas said.
   "What did you guys do all day?" Zander asked.
   "We played Barbie with Lulu, then she read to us, and then we had something to eat and played tea party," I said.
   "Well we promised you to bring home the tape of the Nurse's Ball, so how about we watch that," Lucky said.
   "Yeah, you will definetely want to see Luke, he filled in for you guys, and he was pretty good," Zander said laughing.