Chapter 46
The Boxcar


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Two weeks later
    So far nothing had happened, Sonny was keeping a close watch over us, cooking for us again, although he did occasionally make something a little closer to junk food. His favorite was Pizza, and he agreed that he would listen to us when we had cravings. He no longer trusted anyone but Francis or Johnny to guard us, since they had seen what was in the box that night, and he made sure someone, usually Luke, Laura, or Bobbie was also in the Penthouse when he went to work, to help Carly just in case something else happened.
   Today was Laura's day, and she had brought Lulu with her to see her older brothers, and to "play" with the babies. She would sit on the bed with us and read to the babies by putting her head on our stomachs. It was cute and she entertained herself for hours, not noticing when Elizabeth, Emily and I fell asleep to the sound of her little 8 year old voice talking away to the babies. Obviously the babies liked the extra attention too, because they would actually allow us to sleep while she talked to them.
   I hadn't been feeling well for the last day or so, and neither had Emily or Elizabeth. We were waiting for the doctor to come and check us over to make sure that nothing was wrong with the pregnancy. Bobbie said that it was probably just stress or the flu, nothing major, since the ultrasound didn't show any problems and we were still maintaining out weight, although we had stopped gaining the last few days.
   The doctor came and agreed with Bobbie that it was just the stress that we were experiencing lately, and told us to keep eating well.
   "I haven't been very hungry the last few days though," I said.
   "And when I do eat I get nauseous," Emily added.
   "I thought morning sickness was finally over," Elizabeth added.
   "Every once in awhile morning sickness comes back, it just lets your body know to watch out, or to get ready, you girls will probably gain a bunch of weight pretty soon, and the discomfort is getting you ready for that," the doctor said nervously. He wasn't sure why they exhibited flu-like symptoms but that wasn't a good thing in a trouble pregnancy such as this one.
   He told the truth to Bobbie and Sonny out in the hallway, telling them that he couldn't rule out that something had been put in their food that was causing problems, or that would cause problems down the line. He suggested that when they did go into labor, a hospital birth would be the only way to go, to save everyone involved, otherwise he was afraid that neither mother or child would live through birth.
   "I thank you for your opinion doctor, we will make that decision when time comes, right now we are dealing with some things that make going to the hospital impossible for their safety," Sonny said, showing the doctor out.
  As the week progressed we started feeling a little better, except that we were so tired it was hard for us to get out of bed for more than 10 minutes at a time. The boys decided that we would not go to the Nurse's Ball with them as we had planned, they would use Sonny's video camera and tape the whole thing and then we could watch it together when they got home. Even though we were disappointed we agreed that would probably be the best thing, and fell asleep. My dreams were filled with disturbing flashes of color, as I dreamed about giving birth to the baby that was in the box Helena had sent to us. Over and over again I woke up shaking in Nikolas's arms, but I couldn't describe what I had dreamed. He held me as I cried and watched as hours later I finally fell into a deep exhausted sleep, without dreams.

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