Chapter 44
The Boxcar


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Later that week
Helena's Yacht
    "Andreas, I think our time has finally come," Helena said as she looked at the information she had recieved from some of her people.
   "How is Madam going to be able to get anywhere near the girls?" Andreas asked as he massaged her shoulders. He really hated his job, but if he let Helena see that she would kill him without thinking about it, just as she had killed his brother Ari.
   "Sonny Corinthos has gone out of town for a couple of weeks and taken Luke Spencer with him. That means that they are in that penthouse being guarded by a few inept guards and Carly Corinthos. That also means that I will be able to find a way to get this vial to them somehow," Helena said, allowing a brief smile of victory cross her face.
   "So what does Madam need me to do for her?" Andreas asked.
   "I need you to keep a close watch on the activities of the people in the penthouse, when they let their guard down, they will pay the price for crossing me," Helena said.
   "As you wish Madam," Andreas said dutifully.
That night
   "So who's hungry?" Carly asked, poking her head in the doorway of the room.
   "We all are, did Sonny leave food for us, or do we finally get to have something that we aren't supposed to eat?" I asked.
   "And what do you have in mind Angel?" Nikolas said smiling at me.
   "Chili from Kelly's and Luke's cheese fries, I have been craving them for so long," I said.
   "That sounds really good," Emily said.
   "Actually it does, with extra crackers," Elizabeth added staring at Lucky begging him with her eyes.
   "I think it would be okay just once to treat them to something they have been craving," Zander said, unable to resist Emily's smile.
   "What Sonny doesn't know won't hurt him, at least as far as this goes anyway, I think Bobbie is working tonight, I will call over there and have her bring the food over when she gets off from work in about an hour," Carly said.
   "I want extra cheese and extra sour cream," I said.
   "Just extra cheese," Emily said.
   "Extra crackers, and a little sour cream on the side," Elizabeth said.
   "Would you boys like some too?" Carly asked.
   "Just cheese fries," Lucky, Zander, and Nikolas answered.
   "Hey Bobbie, could you do me a favor and bring 3 orders of chili, one with extra crackers and a little sour cream on the side, one with extra cheese, and one with extra cheese and extra sour cream, and go to Luke's and get 6 orders of cheese fries, and bring the food to the penthouse when you come?" Carly asked.
   "Letting the girls have one night of junk food before Sonny comes back huh?" Bobbie asked laughing.
   "Just one they were practically begging, and since I can't cook, what else was I supposed to do," Carly said.
   "The food will be there in about a half hour, sounds like they are craving something different than what Sonny is giving them," Bobbie said.
   "Well you know how cravings go," Carly said.
   "Yes, anyway, tell them I will be there as soon as I close up shop here," Bobbie said.
   "Thank you Carly," we called from the other room.
   "No problem, now rest a little more, you guys were up late," Carly said.
   "The babies wouldn't let us sleep," I protested weakly.
   "The babies or your fiancee's?" Carly asked.
   "Same difference," Elizabeth said, ducking the pillow that Lucky threw gently at her.
   "We'll just listen to a little music until dinner time," Zander said, laughing.


Chapter 45