Chapter 45
The Boxcar


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Same night
Outside Kelly's
    Andreas hated what he was about to do, but failure meant death, and he wanted to live more than he wanted to do something about Helena. He knew that she would eventually get what she deserved, that Luke Spencer would kill her someday, so he continued on his mission.
   He was supposed to slip into the kitchen of Kelly's while another of Helena's men distracted Bobbie with a phone call. He was then supposed to empty the vial into the food the girls had ordered which was sitting on the counter near the stove in the kitchen. He waited for his signal from the other man down on the docks, who had just made his phone call and was talking to Bobbie.
   Andreas strode into the kitchen and saw the order. Helena's instructions were clear, Autumn was to get most of the vial, then Elizabeth, Emily Quartermaine was to only get a small amount, enough to make her ill, and possibly kill the baby but not to hurt her. The last thing Helena needed was the Quartermaine family calling a truce long enough to go after her and ruin her other plans. Andreas looked at the note that sat near the stove. It read: Elizabeth-extra crackers, small sour cream on the side. Emily-extra cheese. Autumn: extra cheese, extra sour cream. He smiled, now he knew which container to focus most of his energy on. He started with Emily's bowl, adding a half a dose of the red liquid. Then to Autumn's he added a full dose and was going to stop, but a noise startled him and he poured another full dose into her bowl. "Oh well, Madam wanted her to have problems," he said to himself. The rest of the liquid in the vial, about another dose went into Elizabeth's chili. then he stirred the food up, and put the covers back on the bowls. He pocketed the vial, and crept out of the kitchen just as Bobbie walked through the door.
   "It is done," he said, calling Helena to let her know that the vial had been used and the man who had made the phone call to distract Bobbie had been killed and thrown into the Port Charles river. God please forgive me for what I keep doing to stay alive, Andreas thought as he headed back to the yacht to entertain Helena.
The Penthouse
   "Finally, I am so hungry I could eat Sonny's spinach quiche without complaining," I said grabbing the plate of cheese fries.
   "I know, this is so good," Emily said, stirring the extra cheese into her chili and taking a big spoonful.
   "Don't eat too fast girls, the food isn't going anywhere," Nikolas said laughing.
   "We know that but its better when its still hot," Elizabeth said.
   We all sat around eating our "forbidden food" and enjoying every minute of it. Sonny called while we were eating and we started laughing when Carly asked us if we were eating well. "Yes Sonny, they are eating well, no Sonny I didn't let them eat something they weren't supposed to," Carly said.
   "They craved chili Sonny, so I let them have some," Bobbie said, sticking up for us.
   "Once and awhile won't hurt, they can't give up all their cravings, the girls will go nuts," Carly said taking the phone back again.
   "Sonny said to enjoy the junk food now because when he gets back he is making some sort of fish casserole with spinach and eggplant," Carly said later as she walked back into the room.
   We groaned and laughed, happy that we had gotten away with something while he was gone. Just then Francis opened the door and came into the penthouse unexpectedly. His face had gone pale and he held a box in his hands. "Its a package for Miss Autumn, but I don't think she wants to see what's in the box," Francis said.
   "What is it Francis," I said quietly.
   "It looks like a plastic doll, but it looks like someone tortured it for hours, its all soft like it was melted and the arms and legs are pulled off. Plus its covered in red paint. There's a note however, here you go," Francis said.
   The note was written in red ink on white paper, which made the writing look like blood, it read simply: YOU AND YOUR BABY HAVE ABOUT A MONTH TO LIVE, ENJOY IT WHILE YOU CAN, THIS IS THE END. THE "DOLL" IS WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO YOUR BABY. THAT IS A PROMISE NOT A THREAT.
   "Oh god, she figured out exactly where we are staying, and she is going to do something to me and the baby," I said, my mind racing.
   "But in a month the baby won't be born yet," Zander said.
   "She's going to do something before it's born, that's why she sent the doll, to remind me of the abortions I had when I was younger, this is what they look like after you abort a baby. That B*TCH wants to force me to have an abortion. Its not going to work," I screamed, falling to my knees as I sobbed.
   "SONNY, something happened at the penthouse, Helena knows where the girls are, and just sent Autumn a little gift that got Autumn all upset," Carly said quickly, having called Sonny back.
   "What did she send," Sonny asked as Luke let out a stream of curses in the background.
   "She sent what we think is a plastic doll, laying in a pool of red paint, to look like a dead baby, and a note saying that Autumn and her baby will be dead in a month," Carly said.
   Just then Johnny had gotten enough courage to open the plastic bag surrounding the doll and realized that it wasn't just a doll.
   "Oh my god, Sonny," Carly said, after finding out what Johnny had discovered.
   "What's happening Carly, why is Sonny cursing up a storm?" Luke said into the phone after Sonny had started shouting commands to the pilot.
   "Luke, the gift that Helena sent, its not paint Luke, its not red paint, its real blood," Carly said, sobbing.
   "So the black widow sent a doll covered in blood, what a great gift," Luke said.
   "She sent a dead baby covered in blood Luke, the baby is..was real, its an aborted fetus in a box," Carly said.
   "Jesus Christ, how is Autumn handling this?" Luke asked.
   "How do you think she is handling it Luke for christssake, she had 2 abortions when she was younger, and now to be pregnant again, and to be forced to see the result of your past mistakes staring you in the face, plus to have a death threat attatched to that little reminder, How would you feel Luke?" Carly asked, nearly hysterical.
   "I dont know, I really don't know, all we know is we are on our way back, double security and Bobbie will get food for you from now on, no more ordering out," Luke said.
   "When will you be back?" Carly asked, still shaken up.
   "We will be there tomorrow night," Luke said.
   "Okay Luke, let me talk to Sonny again," Carly said.
   "He said he will call you in a little bit, he needs to think for a minute, you know how he gets," Luke said.
   "I will talk to him later," Carly said.
   "What did you do with the gift?" Luke said.
   "Turned it over to the police, that's what Francis said to do with it and the note," Carly said.
   "That's fine, they won't be able to do anything about it, but that's a good way to get it out of there so the girls dont have to see it again," Luke said, hanging up the phone.
   Our night had gone from fun to terror just like that, little did we know that was only the beginning of what Helena had just done to us.


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