Chapter 42
The Boxcar


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Lucky's Birthday
    "Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Lucky, Happy Birthday to you," we all sang.
   We had been allowed out of bed for part of the celebration, but once we started getting tired we had to go back to bed. That's okay though because the guys promised that once we had to be back in bed they would move the party into our room. We sat and talked with Luke, Laura, Bobbie, Amy, Lesley, Lulu, and the rest of the family, and of course Sonny and Carly. After 3 hours Nikolas, Lucky, and Zander asked if we were tired yet, we were actually feeling really good, so they decided to ask us for a spin around the living room, slowly.
   "I would love to dance with you Nikolas," I said staring up into his dark eyes, losing myself in the feeling of his arms around me.
   "I thought you would never ask Lucas Lorenzo Spencer Jr.," Elizabeth said. Lucky knew he was in trouble since she had called him by his full name. He swallowed nervously and kissed her to keep her from saying anything else.
   "Zander, I love you," Emily said.
   "What will it be kids, we have just about every CD that has come out from the start of music to about a week ago..Its your choice," Sonny said, laughing out loud at the sheer look of delight in our eyes.
   "How about something sappy and romantic," I said, running my hand up Nikolas's back, tracing little circles with my fingertips.
   "That's us angel, sappy and romantic," Nikolas said.
   "We learned from the best," I said, looking over at Luke and Laura who were dancing ever so slowly to the old 50's song playing on the radio right now.
   "How about Edwin McCain-I'll Be, do you have that one Sonny?" Emily asked.
   "Yes we do, how about that song girls?" Sonny asked.
   "That would be great," Elizabeth said, and we all nodded our agreement. We settled into our fiancee's arms and listened to the words of the song.
   "I love the way your stomach presses into me as we dance," Lucky said to Elizabeth.
   "It's our baby, growing safely and waiting to be born," Elizabeth said, kissing Lucky and getting lost in the moment.
   "They needed this, a chance to just be together," Carly said.
   "I never used to believe in true once in a lifetime love, but just looking at their faces through all of this and watching them never lose hope and faith, I am starting to believe," Sonny said to his wife.
   "They have the real thing angel, they got it right the first time and aren't wasting a moment of that precious gift," Luke said holding Laura's hand as they watched the dancing couples.
   All of a sudden Elizabeth let out a noise, something between a squeak and a squeal and jumped back from Lucky. "What's wrong, is it something with the baby, are you okay," Lucky asked.
   "I'm fine, I think..I just felt the baby move," Elizabeth said, placing Lucky's hand on her stomach. The baby kicked again, a little harder this time, and Elizabeth smiled and said "Happy birthday Lucky, from your son or daughter."
  A few minutes later we started to feel tired so Nikolas, Lucky and Zander brought us back to the room and we lay down together. About an hour later, I felt a strange sensation and I realized that it was the baby kicking. Emily also started feeling the baby that day. We spent the rest of the day in bed amazed at the miracle of life which was unfolding right before our eyes.
   That night Nikolas slid further down the bed and whispered to my stomach which was just starting to get bigger, "Hey baby, its daddy, now I don't know the way a lot of things work around here, but that's okay, because no one really does, but I want to promise you that you are always going to be loved and cared for. Your mom is sort of in a tough spot right now, so I am sorry if whatever we do hurts you, but we can't wait to see you and hold you, and know that everything is alright.
   "That was so sweet Nikolas," I said crying a little bit.
   Zander and Lucky also had conversations with their babies, so the room was filled with plesant noises which helped to lull me to sleep quickly and easily.

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