Chapter 43
The Boxcar


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Two weeks later
   It was sunny and very warm, at least for the middle of May. We were miserable inside our room even with 3 big fans going. We had gained weight pretty quickly and we now showed that we were almost 5 months pregnant. Now that we had felt the babies kick, they seemed to be moving all the time, especially when we tried to sleep, so we were very uncomfortable.
   "Why didn't anyone warn us that you get fat and miserable when you are pregnant," I complained to Carly who had brought us our lunch.
   "Its not exactly something that they want to tell young women, otherwise no one would want to have children," Carly said laughing.
   "Where is everyone else anyway, its not fair that they get to go do things and we are stuck in bed with nothing to do, and no one to talk to," I said.
   "What am I invisible, I think I am a little too loud to be ignored most of the time," Carly said.
   "Except for you Carly, but doesn't it make you a little mad that they always stick you in here with us when they go off somewhere?" Emily said.
   "Especially since we don't always get along so well," Elizabeth said.
   "That's in the past Elizabeth and you know it, and yes to be honest I would love to know what they are up to right now, but I can't, and if its important Sonny will tell me later," Carly said as the penthouse door opened and Nikolas, Zander, Lucky, Sonny, Luke, Laura, and Lulu entered the penthouse.
   "How's my angel?" Nikolas said kissing me softly.
   "Good, where were you, I missed you," I said.
   "Sonny needed our help with something, you guys will find out in a few minutes, we are having a meeting," Nikolas said, kissing me one more time before walking into the living room.
The Meeting
   "Well Stefan called this morning to let me know the shipment was on its way," Laura said.
   "Unfortunetly it was held up in Mexico because they are tightening security measures again, now I can bring it back myself without too much of a hassle, since I have a private plane, but I have to fly to my island for a few days in order to do that," Sonny said.
   "That doesn't sound like too much extra work," Carly said.
   "Except who will make sure the girls eat well with no one left here who knows how to cook," Sonny said laughing at the look of outrage on Carly's face.
   "We'll just order in a lot, The PC Grille makes good food and I will make sure they eat the things they are supposed to," Carly said.
   "Make sure Johnny or Francis either go to pick up your order or are there to get the delivery themselves, in case someone figures out where the girls are and tries something, remember Helena won't be incapacitated for another couple of weeks," Sonny said.
   "Sweet Caroline you had better take good care of my sons and daughters-in-law, or I will have your head faster than your husband can protest," Luke said.
   "Well Uncle Luke you are welcome to come here anytime and check on them to make sure I don't let them get away with anything," Carly said.
   "I am going to the island with Sonny, but Laura will be here every day, she wants to bring Lulu here to see her brothers more," Luke said.
In Our Room
   "So Lulu, what did you do today?" I asked the little girl who was sitting on the edge of my bed.
   "I went to school, and then I played with my dolly, isn't she pretty?" Lulu said, holding out a doll with blue eyes and black hair.
   "She looks just like you," I said smiling.
   "Nikolas gave her to me," Lulu said, and then hopped off the bed, making it bounce a little.
   "Lulu, you have to be careful with the beds, don't make them bounce," Lucky said.
   "Why Lucky are Lizzie, Emmy, and Autumn not feeling good?" Lulu said.
   "It's okay honey, we are just a little tired," Emily said.
   "Do you remember what we told you about having a baby soon?" Nikolas said.
   "Nikolas are you sure you should be telling her this?" Elizabeth said.
   "Mom told us to go ahead and tell her if she asks," Lucky said.
   "Yes Nikky, there are going to be babies to play with," Lulu answered
   "Well the babies are growing right now inside the girls tummies, and sometimes when the bed bounces it makes the babies shake around and that's not good for them," Nikolas said.
   "There are babies in there, how did they get in there?" Lulu said seriously.
   "Lucky, I think you can handle this one," Nikolas said.
   "Hey mom, dad, Lulu is asking how the babies got inside, I think you need to handle this one," Lucky called out to the people in the other room.
   We heard the sound of laughter coming from the living room as Luke and Laura came into our little room, along with Bobbie.
   "You see Lulu, God decides that people should have a baby, so he sends down one of his angels to be the baby, puts him or her inside the tummy of the mommy he picked out and then lets the mommy and daddy know that they have been chosen by god to have an angel in their lives," Luke said, surprising everyone since he didn't seem to belive in god.
   "Can I feel the babies?" Lulu asked.
   "Sure you can Princess," I said using Lulu's nickname.
   "Put your hand right there," Nikolas said, putting Lulu's small hand on the side of my stomach.
   "Hehehehe, it feels funny," Lulu said giggling as the baby kicked a couple of times.
   Lulu went to Elizabeth and Emily and felt their babies kick, letting out a giggle with each one. Then Laura told her it was time to go and leave us to rest. Luke gave us each a hug and then left the room as well, leaving just Bobbie and us. Bobbie gave us a quick physical and then left, saying that while Carly was alone here with us this next week that she would be by to check us over more often.
   This was going to be an interesting week, we thought, little did we realize that interesting wasn't the word for it. Something closer to terror would be more like it.

Chapter 44