Chapter 39
The Boxcar


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About a Week Later
    Everyone, except Emily, Elizabeth and I were gathered in the living room to start planning how to take down Helena. We had wanted to be involved but the guys said absolutly not, "I don't want you to risk your health or the baby's by getting out of bed two weeks after getting out of the hospital," Nikolas said, sternly but with the love and fear in his heart showing through in his tone of voice.
   "Helena is after me, she has been from day one, I want to help bring an end to this nightmare. I am doing this for our baby, and for us," I said, my hand drifting down to my stomach.
   "It's too much stress on you and the baby, and I don't want you involved when we carryout the plan, you might get hurt, and you will be too far along to help out," Nikolas said.
   "Fine, but you'd better tell me what you discuss out there, or leave the door open so we can hear for ourselves, it will cause us more stress to not know what is going on and if you guys are putting your lives in danger," I said firmly.
   "You might as well leave the door open Nikolas, this is one fight you are not going to win," Luke said, standing in the doorway.
   As the meeting started we sat listening to the collection of voices outside our door. Luke spoke gruffly and straight to the point. "We have to kill Mama Cass once and for all, she has been touturing my family for decades and that's enough!" he said.
   Laura on the other hand spoke softly, but knew exactly what she was talking about,  "That's easier said than done Luke, you have been trying for years and she keeps getting away, she's like a cat, only with more than 9 lives." Laura said.
    Sonny kept quiet for most of the conversation, but then added his opinion in his no nonsense business voice, "I can have my people make her disappear, discretely and she will never harm anyone again," he said.
    Carly, not usually privy to business discussions, jumped in and said, "Why can't we just drag her out on the street and shoot her, everyone in town would be glad to get rid of her," she said.
   "Everyone but her defrosted demented son Stavros," Luke said dryly.
   "Actually, I just got word from a man I had on the inside at Cassadine Inc, he said that Stavros is dead, apparently he got fed up with Helena after he found out somehow that Nikolas wasn't his son and took a plunge into some bottomless pit by the secret lab," Sonny said.
   "So Helena knows that I am a Spencer?" Nikolas asked.
   "I am afraid so, fortunetly she hasn't made her move against you yet, she must be preoccupied with revenge," Sonny said.
   "How about we load her yacht with enough plastique to blow up a small country, or hell, a large country for that matter," Luke said.
   "First of all, the chances of being caught outnumber the fun of seeing her blow up like a Roman Candle on the fourth of July, and second, there's no way in hell I can get that much plastique without Taggart breathing down my neck for the next 10 years," Sonny said.
   "Dammit we aren't getting any closer to solving our problem," Lucky said in frustration, banging his bandaged hand on the coffee table and then wincing in pain as he hit the area with stitches.
    Bobbie, who had remained silent until now said, "How about that drug that Stefan gave her, that rendered her comatose, we could at least incapacitate her until we can come up with something better to do with the queen of the damned." She said.
   "I like that idea, less risky, and a little easier, where do we put her once she is immobilized?" Zander said quietly.
   "Spoon Island of course, the perfect place for Black Widows, short of hell that is," Luke said.
   We smiled, Luke had such a way with words. It did sound like a good plan, with the drug we gathered they could keep psycho away from us long enough for us to have our babies and then claim our own revenge.
   "So it's settled then, we will drug Helena and keep her locked away while the kids start their family, and then we will put her on ice for good along with her twisted son and demented husband," Luke said.
   "Wait a minute, that would mean you would have to trust Stefan enough to get you the drug, since he is the only one who has it available, do you think you can do that Luke?" Laura said.
   "To save our children Angel I am willing ot work with Count Vlad, I am sure he will be just as happy to be rid of his mother," Luke said.
   "This ought to be interesting," Lucky commented.
   "Why doesn't Luke get along with Stefan, I thought he was one of the good Cassadine's with Alexis and Kristina?" I asked Elizabeth.
   "Stefan and Luke have butted heads a few times, mostly over Laura, but Luke has mellowed a lot in his absolute hatred of anything Cassadine, now he only truly hates Helena, he tolerates Stefan." Elizabeth said smiling.
   The meeting had gone for about 2 hours. By the time it was over we were starving, and one little comment from us sent Sonny scurrying into the kitchen to cook us dinner. An hour later we had spinach omelettes and fresh orange juice. "Thank you Sonny, it looks great," I said.
   "See someone appreciates healthy cooking when they are pregnant," he told Carly.
   "Not everyone likes spinach Sonny," Carly shot back.
   "She used to complain every time I would put spinach in something, eat up girls its good for the baby, there are a lot of vitamins in spinach," Sonny said.
   "Yes Dad," Elizabeth, Emily, and I said at the same time.
   "Are they always like this?" Sonny asked Nikolas, Lucky, and Zander.
   "Hormones?" Lucky guessed.
   "Bad answer Lucky," Carly laughed, as she and Sonny walked back into the living room and shut the door behind them.

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