Chapter 40
The Boxcar


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Two Weeks Later
    Laura had contacted Stefan and told him what had happened in Port Charles since his departure. Stefan had been shocked to find out that Nikolas was Luke's son, but was eager to help with Helena's demise. He agreed to ship out five vials of the paralyzer drug which would keep Helena incapacitated for up to a year. He also agreed to come back to Port Charles when everyone decided to eliminate Helena once and for all.
   "Angel, did Stefan say when the medication would arrive, we need to plan when and how to give it to her," Luke said.
   "He said it should reach us in about two months, he had to special order it through secure channels from his pharmacutical company in Russia," Laura answered.
   "Any problems getting it through customs in the US, isn't it a controlled substance?" Nikolas asked.
   "Some of my employees work in the custom's office, they were notified of the shipment and that it be sent to me immediately," Sonny said.
   "The things you learn about people in high places," I laughed from inside our room, where the door had again been left open for us to hear what was going on.
   "Okay, so that means the goods will be in the US at the end of May, should we try for the Nurse's Ball, there are so many people there that no one would notice a thing," Luke said.
   "I can start an arguement with her, that would distract her enough for Luke to get close enough to give her the first dose," Carly said.
   "I don't want you to get hurt," Sonny said.
   "I won't, the B*tch won't even touch me, believe me I am good at argueing with people in inappropriate places, like in front of the whole town, all I have to do is mention something about Nikolas making a great addition to the Spencer family, such a shame that his real family didn't get to watch him grow up," Carly said, looking proud of herself.
   "Sweet Caroline, I think that would work, get the old bat riled up and I will go in for the kill, so to speak," Luke said.
   The plan was coming together nicely, everyone had a part in distracting Helena leading up to Luke injecting the drug that would make her a captive audience, as Zander said, much to the amusement of everyone in the room. We had come a long way from the accident on Valentine's Day. Here it was the end of March and we were all set to rid the Spencer's of Helena's curse once and for all. Little did we know that Helena had the ability to one up us once again before our plan could be carried out completely. 

Chapter 41