Chapter 38
The Boxcar


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About A Week Later
Secret Lab
     "Stavros I have told you over and over again how important this final dose of medication is to your health, its long overdue and without it you won't survive," Helena said pulling a syringe filled with blue liquid out of a drawer near the ice chamber.
    "Mother, I don't want the medication, I don't want to be stuck here, I have nothing to live for except to carry out your foolish childish revenge plot against the Spencers, let me be," Stavros said starting to open the steel door to the maze.
    "How can you say that you have nothing, look what I have done for you, I've gotten rid of your weakling brother Stefan by sending him off on some wild goose chase, I have almost defeated the Spencers using their own golden son Lucky, and I have almost delivered your son and his future son to you on a silver platter, once I get rid of that tramp Autumn. You are the prince, and the regent for Nikolas, you have everything that rightfully belongs to you." Helena said, preparing to give him the shot.
   "MOTHER, I told you I didn't want the medication, I have nothing. MY WIFE LAURA is back with Luke Spencer, and as for my son Nikolas....HE IS NOT MY SON." Stavros shouted grabbing Helena's hand and causing her to drop the syringe.
   "How can you say that about Nikolas, of course he is your son, once we kill Autumn he will once again take his place at your side as the next Cassadine prince," Helena said calmly.
   "Don't you understand mother, Nikolas isn't my son because HE IS NOT A CASSADINE, that little accident you staged that almost killed him proved he is not my son, the blood tests they did showed that you were passing Luke Spencer's son off as mine all these years. Nikolas is nothing but a peasant Spencer bastard and not worthy to lick my boots." Stavros said walking out the steel door of the lab into one of the hallways. He intended to end this charade once and for all.
    "STAVROS, we are not finished here, come back here. GUARDS, find my son and make sure he doesn't do anything foolish. You are definetly your father's son Stavros, and you are going to get killed for it, again, one of these days.
In The Maze
    Stavros wandered the maze aimlessly for a few minutes until he came to the spot he had been looking for. He quickly found the latch on the steel paneling covering the bottomless pit. If I can't have Laura then there's nothing to keep me here again, this time mother won't be able to meddle. With that Stavros lowered himself into the hole and hung there slowly lifting one finger at a time from the side of the drop.
    Helena rounded the corner and came to the section of pulled up paneling. She stared with disbelief at her precious son now hanging from the ledge by his right hand. "STAVROS," she screamed as he quickly lifted his hand and with a maniacal laugh plunged into the abyss.
    Helena sat stunned for a moment staring at the spot where her precious son had been. "It's all the Spencer's fault, they will pay, as I said at your wedding Luke and Laura, a curse on you, and now your children and grandchildren will pay for the sins of their fathers.
    Helena walked back into the lab and picked up a small vial of red liquid. "Very soon the Spencer's will know what it feels like to lose their children, starting with Nikolas, Autumn, and their baby. You will have to choose Nikolas, your fiancee or your child, only one will survive." Helena said laughing quietly in the eerie blue flickering lights of the lab.  

Chapter 39