Chapter 34
The Boxcar


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 Zander's Room
    Lucky pushed the door open nervously. He noticed that Zander was awake. "Shouldn't you be getting some rest, are you in pain?" Lucky asked quietly.
    "I am assuming that Luke told you his news?" Zander asked, looking over at Lucky, and gesturing towards the chair next to the bed.
    Lucky sat down unsure of what to say next, "Actually my mom told me, she wanted to tell me because she was afraid that I would run away again, like I did the last time a major family secret came out. I just wanted to come and see how you felt about the news." Lucky said, shifting his eyes away from Zander and looking at the floor.
    "I am in shock I guess, I mean how else should I feel learning that my father didn't know that I exsisted for all these years, and my mother lied to me, well she did that a lot so that part is easier to understand, and what does Luke want from me?" Zander asked.
    "I don't know what Dad wants from you, but I came here to ask if we can put our differences in the past aside and not only be the friends we are starting to be, but be family as well, we Spencers need to stick together to beat Helena," Lucky said.
    "I think I can do that, with you anyway, but I don't know how Nikolas will react to finding out that not only is he a full Spencer, but that I am his half-brother, look how long it took for the two of you to have any sort of a relationship," Zander said honestly.
    "I know, but we both learned from that experience, look I know this won't be easy but we have our fiancee's to think about right now, and keeping them safe. We need to join forces as a family, or that witch will tear us apart," Lucky said standing up and pacing near the bed.
    "I need to see Emily, why hasn't she come to see me yet?" Zander asked.
    "The girls have to stay in bed, they are okay, but the doctor said that at least for the next few days they need to rest, maybe longer," Lucky said, without giving away the secret.
    "I need to go to her then, will you page the nurse and get me a wheelchair?" Zander asked.
    "Why don't you recover from surgery for at least one night first, not to mention all the stress from learning who your father is, I will ask Bobbie when you can take a little ride to see everyone, hopefully Nikolas will be able to go at the same time, Autumn really needs him, she isn't coping very well." Lucky said.
    "Are you going back to the girls?" Zander asked.
    "Not right away, I need to go check on Nikolas, and let him know to hurry up and get better so he can take care of Autumn," Lucky said, his voice shaking as he remembered seeing Autumn shut down when she learned of Nikolas's condition.
    "When you do get back to them, tell Emily that I love her and I will be there as soon as I can, and Lucky, tell Nikolas that I want to be his brother, I have always wanted a family, and now I have one, I don't want to ruin my chance." Zander said, starting to fall asleep from the stress and the painkillers.
    "You get some sleep now, I am glad we could talk about this," Lucky said as he walked to the door.
    "Yes little brother, you get some sleep too," Zander said laughing.
    "Okay big brother, you are going to get it for that comment when you are healthy," Lucky said also laughing.

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