Chapter 35
The Boxcar


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Nikolas's Room
    Lucky walked down and across the hall to Nikolas's room and the guard who had just been put in place by Sonny nodded him in the door into the small room outside of where Nikolas was in the ICU. Lucky's thoughts flashed back to the time that Nikolas had been shot in front of Luke's club and while Lucky was visiting with him Nikolas tried to speak. Lucky remembered the look of panic and fear on Nikolas's face when the words came out jumbled and confused. Then he pushed open the door and walked over to the bed.
    Nikolas was also awake and smiled as Lucky sat down next to the bed. "So brother, are you here to cheer me up or to drop another bombshell on me?" Nikolas said.
    "Straight to the point, I knew I liked you for some reason," Lucky joked.
    "Very funny, so I take it you know the news, did Mom tell you while Luk...Dad was in here talking with me?" Nikolas said.
    "Yes, and I have to say that you are taking the news pretty well, considering that out of all the times people have wondered who your father was, this was probably the last thing you would have guessed would be the truth." Lucky said.
    "I am used to surprises by now, living in Port Charles long enough and you almost stop being surprised, with all the people coming back from the dead, long lost children, mysterious diseases, etc. you figure something unusual is going to happen," Nikolas said.
    "True, I also talked with Zander, he is worried about Emily of course and everyone.." Lucky said.
    "How is Autumn?" Nikolas interrupted.
    "She is okay, well, she is trying to shut everything out and slip back into her "safe place" again, so she needs you to go see her pretty soon, whenever you are healthy enough. The doctor put all the girls on bedrest for a couple of days, maybe longer, to make sure that nothing happens," Lucky said.
    "I need to go see her, she has to be thinking that I abandoned her after I said that I would never leave her alone again," Nikolas said quietly, a tear rolling down his cheek.
    "I know, and she knows you aren't doing this on purpose, its Helena's fault, DAMN HER," Lucky said.
    "She will get what she deserves, and we will be the ones who make sure of that," Nikolas said.
    "Me as in me and you?" Lucky asked.
    "And Zander now, after the mistakes I made getting to know you, I don't want to do that again, and I am sure that Luk...Dad, that is going to take forever to get used to, is going to try to tag along, but I think this is a job for Zander, you and I to take care of," Nikolas said.
    "I talked to Zander earlier and he wants to forget all the problems in the past and just concentrate on the fact that we are brothers too, so that we can defeat Helena and send her to Hell where she belongs," Lucky said.
    Nikolas tried to cover up the fact that he was yawning, but Lucky noticed and stood up to get ready to leave. "Get some sleep now, I should go back to the girls and mom and see if their guard got there yet, yours is out front if anything happens, and I didn't see Zander's yet, but I am sure he is there...anyway, good night brother," Lucky said.
    "Take care of Autumn for me, see if you can get her to come out of her "place" just tell her that I will see her as soon as possible and that I love her," Nikolas said.
    "Will do, I will see you tomorrow then," Lucky said, as he left the room.
    He noticed that Zander's guard was indeed in place outside the room, so he turned around and headed back to the elevators and rode down to where the girls were. The guards waved him into the room. When he walked in he saw Elizabeth and Emily sleeping peacefully, and his mom sitting next to Autumn holding her hand.
    "She was having a nightmare and I didn't want to wake her up," Laura said. "She keeps calling out for Nikolas," Laura continued.
    "You can go try to sleep or something Mom...I can handle this, Nikolas told me to watch over her, and Zander told me to watch Emily, so go find Dad and take a nap," Lucky said.
    "Are you sure?" Laura said.
    "Yes, everyone needs to stay strong for the fight ahead, but the Spencers will win in the end," Lucky said.
    "Ok then, but yell for the guards if anything happens, and I will see you later, I love you," Laura said.
    "Goodnight Mom, I love you too," Lucky said shutting and locking the door from the inside. Then he went and sat down next to Autumn and told her that Nikolas was thinking about her and would see her soon. Then he held her hand and Elizabeth's and prayed that they would stay safe through the battle that lay ahead.

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