Chapter 33
The Boxcar


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Nikolas's Room
    Luke paused in the doorway, trying to gather his thoughts. He quietly closed the door to the room behind him and locked it, just to make sure Mama Bat couldn't sneak in, after all this was his son, and there was no telling what she would do in revenge for losing the heir to the throne from hell. He approached the bed carefully, not wanting to wake Nikolas up before he needed to. But as he watched his boy, well his grown son closely he saw that Nikolas seemed to be having a bad dream. Luke reached over and grasped Nikolas's hand firmly, "It's okay to wake up, its just a dream, no one is going to hurt you," Luke said.
    Nikolas opened his eyes cautiously, not sure of where he was. He also noticed that he couldn't move very easily without an extreme amount of pain. "What happened?" Nikolas asked horsely, his throat dry and sore.
    "You were in a car accident, with Zander, Lucky, Emily, Elizabeth, and Autumn, do you remember what day it is?" Luke asked gently.
    "It is...or was Valentine's Day, I'm not sure how long I've been out for, is everyone okay? Where is Autumn?" Nikolas asked.
    "The girls and Lucky are fine, you and Zander on the other hand gave everyone quite a scare," Luke said.
    "Who's with the girls?" Nikolas asked.
    "Lucky and Laura are with them, they are okay," Luke said.
    "Helena did this, she tried to kill Autumn and get her out of my life, they won't be safe until that..that witch is gone for good." Nikolas said, raising his voice.
    "I know, and I aim to get rid of The Black Widow once and for all," Luke said, still holding onto Nikolas's hand. "Look, I have something to say to you and I don't know how to say it except to come right out and say it," Luke continued.
    "What is it Luke?" Nikolas asked.
    "I found out a couple of things tonight that are going to change everything, and now I don't know what I am going to do with the information," Luke said, dragging the chair closer to the bed.
    "What is it Luke, it must be serious, you usually don't have any trouble saying what you are thinking," Nikolas said.
    "You needed quite a bit of blood when you were in surgery, Bobbie came and got me, because she wasn't sure you would make it, she said something that I couldn't believe was true, but it is, and now I am trying to figure out how to tell you," Luke said, rare emotion showing on his aged face.
    "Tell me what Luke, is there something about Autumn that you aren't telling me?" Nikolas asked, starting to panic.
    "No, I was trying to figure out how to tell you that I am your father," Luke said, standing up and pacing towards the door.
    "How is that possible, Laura was on the island, and the pictures they showed me, with Stavros," Nikolas asked.
    "Laura had flown to NYC the weekend before she disappeared. She was doing a photo shoot for Miss Star Eyes..anyway, she was supposed to come back late, but she got on an earlier flight to surprise me. She got to the docks where our boat "The Haunted Star", yes the Cassadine boat, was tied up. I guess she looked for me in the boat, because she left her luggage behind, but it was foggy and cold, and that was the night she disappeared from my life for almost 2 years." Luke said, the memories coming back to him in flashbacks of that night.
    "That still doesn't explain how I could be your son," Nikolas said.
    "Before she left for her business trip, she had told me that she might be pregnant, she was going to find out that night, 2 years later, after she came back to me, without the baby...without you, we never talked about it again, it was too painful, and then when you came to town, there were so many secrets coming out about her time on the island, and so much distrust and dislike on my part towards you that I didn't think about it, I didn't want to, it was easier to hate you, and for that I am sorry Nikolas. Family is important to me, and you have been family for awhile now, even before I found out that you are my son." Luke said a lone tear shining in his eye.
    "You have been my father figure for the last year or so, I know that this is hard for you, and I hate my "so called family" for what they have done to seperate me from my true family, all the wasted years," Nikolas said, tears welling in his eyes as well.
    "That's the hardest part for me too son...I have spent far too long hating you because I thought you were my one of my enemies, when the fact that you were Laura's son and Lucky's friend and brother should have been enough for me," Luke said.
    "This isn't the first time you have saved my life Luke, first in front of the club, then on the mountain path, that's more than any of the Cassadine's have ever done," Nikolas said.
    "Well I should get back to Laura and the girls and give you time to think, you are in a very dangerous place now you do realize, Helena is not going to be pleased to know that you all survived and even less pleased to know that you are a true Spencer." Luke said, heading towards the door again.
    "Tell Autumn I love her, and to not pull away from everyone, and Luke, I don't blame you, I blame Helena...damn her to hell," Nikolas said.
    "I will pass the message on to Autumn, sleep well," Luke said opening the door.
    "Wait, Luke, you said that you found out 2 pieces of information, what was the other one?" Nikolas asked.
    "Zander is also my son, from an affair I had with Jennifer Smith while Laura was missing, he was born in 1983, I didn't know I had yet another son, and I've let Lucky down again, let's hope I don't lose him because I don't think we can go through that again." Luke said leaving Nikolas to his thoughts as he headed back towards the girl's room to check on he and his son's angels and to watch over his family.
    Nikolas lay in bed letting the tears surge down his face. "Why did I have to waste so much time hating Lucky when he is what I always wished for a real brother, and a family, I will not make that mistake with Zander, from here on the Spencer boys are a that's strange thinking of myself as a Spencer." Nikolas said to himself quietly.
In The Hallway
    Lucky paused outside of Zander's door nerviously. He didn't know how he was going to get to know his new half brother, but he did know that he wasn't going to handle it like he did with getting to know Nikolas. It was time for the Spencer family to come together to finally beat the Cassadines once and for all.

Chapter 34