Chapter 32
The Boxcar


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Inside Autumn, Elizabeth, and Emily's Room
    Everyone sat there in shock trying to understand what had just happened after Luke and Bobbie left the room. Laura was trying to control her tears of anger, joy, frustration, and fear. We too were trying to not cry, although Emily and I were not as successful as Elizabeth at controlling our emotions. Lucky too let a tear slip from his eye as he realized the implications of what had just happened.
    "Once again I have a half-brother that I have hated for most of the time that I have known him, did Dad not know he might have another son out there, I assume that was during the time you were being held on the island," Lucky said, his thoughts scattered by the events of the last few hours.
    "Luke told me that he was with other women while I was being held, he thought I was dead Lucky, please don't be angry with him, or me, after all that we've gone through since we got you back, I don't want to go back to you hating us for our past mistakes." Laura said, pleading with all her heart.
    "Don't worry Mom, I know better now than to turn away from my family because of long-buried secrets, I just wish that they would stop," Lucky said, unshed tears making his eyes glisten in the light.
    "So do I Lucky, so do I," Laura said looking at the girls lying there.
    Elizabeth had taken Lucky's hand and was trying to calm him down, or ease his pain. Emily was openly crying, thinking about how close she was to losing Zander, and I had closed my eyes and drifted into my safe place where this couldn't touch me.
    Lucky noticed this and moved over to my bed trying to shake me out of my escape from reality. "Autumn, please, you need to be strong for Nikolas, I know it sounds bad, and we are all scared, but he loves you and he is way to stubborn to lose something he loves, so he won't die now and leave you and the baby." Lucky said.
     "He doesn't even know yet, and I can't go to him to tell him, so he doesn't have a reason to fight," I said, tears spilling down my face for the first time as the reality of the situation hit me hard. "I am going to lose everything again, I shouldn't have stayed here, I knew I should have left after I was attacked again," I said slipping back into my safe place, and shutting out everything around me.
    Laura understood, she dealt with fear and emotions the same way, and she promised that when I woke up that she would talk to me. She turned to Lucky, "You haven't said anything about finding out that Nikolas is your full brother, what are you feeling about that?" she asked.
    "What am I supposed to say. I hated him for most of the time I knew him, I tried to kill him, dad tried to kill him, and then we became friends and brothers. He was there for me through the worst things in my life, and now he is my "full brother" I don't know how to feel about that. How are you supposed to feel when you are taught from a very young age that family is everything, only to find out that you despised your own family for so long," Lucky said getting up off of Elizabeth's bed.
    "Where are you going?" Elizabeth asked.
    "I need to go see my brothers, I need to tell them that I love them, before its too late." Lucky said brushing the tears away with the back of his hand.
    "Tell Zander I love him and I will see him as soon as possible," Emily said quietly.
    "I will, and I will tell Nikolas that Autumn needs him, since she can't do it herself," Lucky said, looking at me still unaware of my surroundings. "She needs him pretty badly," Lucky said, walking towards the door.
    "Be careful, Helena might be lurking around to see if she finished her work," Laura said.
    "I will, and Mom, call Sonny and ask for guards for the girls, and for Nikolas and Zander, they will need them, especially if Helena finds out that Nikolas is a Spencer after all." Lucky said.
    "Come back soon," Elizabeth said, her face pale from worrying about her friends, especially Nikolas and Autumn, she was not dealing with everything too well, and Elizabeth was afraid that time might be running out for them both, and Zander too.

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