Chapter 31
The Boxcar


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ICU-Zander's Room
    Zander was the first one to wake up from surgery. At first he couldn't figure out where he was or what had happened, then it came to him in painful flashes, Valentine's Day, proposing to Emily, the accident. "Emily, where's Emily," he said groggy and disoriented.
    "Don't worry about Emily, she is okay, the girls are fine," Luke said deciding not to ruin the surprise of the pregnancies without asking the girl's permission first.
    "What are you doing here Luke, not that I'm not glad for a visitor, but why isn't Emily here?" Zander said struggling to sit up.
    "Just hold on a moment Zander, you just had major surgery, so you'd be wise not to try to run a marathon just yet," Luke said, easing his frazzled nerves with a nervous laugh.
    "If Emily is ok, why isn't she here begging to see me?" Zander said.
    "Listen, Emily, Elizabeth, Autumn, and Lucky are just fine, its you and Nikolas I am concerned about right now, the doctors just want the girls to stay in bed for awhile, but you can go see them as soon as Bobbie says its ok," Luke said, still trying to not be the one to tell Zander he was going to be a father, barring any further problems.
    "What happened, one minute we were laughing and then all of a sudden Autumn is screaming and the car veered off the road for a moment..that's all I remember," Zander said.
    "Helena happened, she decided to cut the brakes on Nikolas's car to get rid of Autumn, she also cut the seatbelt on the passenger's side..." Luke said.
    "But Nikolas was sitting on the passenger side, he had a few drinks so he let Autumn he..did he die?" Zander asked.
    "No, Nikolas is alive thank god, for Autumn and Laura's sake, but he is across the hall in pretty bad shape. I just came in here first because Bobbie said that you were awake already," Luke said.
    "Go on Luke, go see Nikolas so you can tell everyone that he is okay, thanks for coming by, and tell Emily I will see her as soon as I can," Zander said.
    "Actually there is something I need to talk with you about first, you see, Bobbie came to get me while you were in surgery, apparently you weren't doing very well and they weren't sure if they were going to have enough blood to bring you back, Bobbie ran some tests when they used all the blood in the bank on you and Nikolas, I'm not sure how to say this," Luke paused searching for the way to tell the young man that he hardly knew that he was his father.
    "Just say it Luke, what are you trying to tell me?" Zander asked.
    "Zander, I found out something about your past, I'm sorry I didn't know before, when you first came to town, but I didn't, Zander the blood tests showed that we have the same blood type, I saved your life tonight," Luke paused again, his voice shaking.
    "Thank you for that Luke, I am greatful that you were willing to donate blood to save me, but what does that have to do with my past?" Zander asked, obviously confused.
    "I don't want you to hate me for not being there all these years, but I didn't know, she left and didn't tell me anything," Luke said slowly.
    "Didn't tell you anything about what, and who is she?" Zander asked.
    "Your mother, she didn't tell me she was pregnant, she just left, so I never knew I had a son, I'm your father, and I'm sorry that I wasn't there, I am not the type of person that abandons my family unless I have a life or death reason to leave them," Luke said.
    "How is that possible, my mother said that my father was dead," Zander said.
    "Let me tell you what happened before you were born. I married Laura in 1981, later that year she was kidnapped and I thought she had died. I tried to move on with my life and I ended up drifting here and there for about a year. All of a sudden I ended up back in Florida where Bobbie and I grew up. I met a women there who started to help me feel alive again. She told me her name was Alice, but I would later find out that it was really Jennifer Smith, your mother, and the daughter of my former boss Frank Smith. I panicked when I found out who she really was because her father still hated me for not marrying Jennifer a couple of years before, when I had first met Laura. We stopped seeing each other pretty soon after that and she went away. She never told me that she was pregnant. Then I went back to Port Charles, was elected mayor in 1983 and on my inaugeration day Laura showed back up in my life, having escaped from the Cassadine hellhole, sadly without Nikolas, and we went on the run from Frank Smith, and the Cassadine's, and Laura had Lucky in 1984. So I never knew you exsisted until the blood work came back, then I looked into your information and realized who your mother was. I am sorry Zander," Luke said, relieved to have told the story to one of the sons he didn't know were his.
    "It's okay Luke, I am in shock, could you please go visit Nikolas for me and the girls so Emily knows that I am okay?" Zander said, fighting back the urge to cry.
    "Sure, look I know it's a lot to handle and we can figure out what to do about it later when you are out of here, I just thought you deserved to know," Luke said as he exited the room, leaving Zander alone with his thoughts.
    "So I am a Spencer, great I am part of a family finally and its one that the Quartermaine's can't stand almost as much as they can't stand Sonny," Zander said, laughing quietly as he drifted off to a troubled sleep.
    Luke looked in on Nikolas who looked like he was finally waking up from his surgery. "Well Spencer, one true confession down, one more to go. Now how in the world do I tell Nikolas that I hated my own flesh and blood for all these years just because I thought he was the devil's spawn?" Luke asked himself as he entered the room slowly.

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