Chapter 30
The Boxcar


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Our Hospital Room  
     Luke and Laura, looking tired and frightened came into the room a few minutes later. "Mrs. Spencer, I am so sorry about Nikolas I never meant to get him into any of this," I said. "Call me Laura, we are family now, believe me Nikolas has always been in the middle of the feud dear," Laura said. "My ring, where is it?" I said panicking as I noticed that the sign of my love for Nikolas was missing. "Amy has it with your things, it needs to be cleaned up a little darlin and it will be good as new," Luke said. I noticed that I had dried blood on my hands and bandages all over. "From the windshield when you hit the tree, it imploded and showered the whole car," Luke said watching me. "Nikolas was teaching me how to drive, I remember getting into the car and laughing because I had to move the seat forward to reach the pedals, because Nikolas is so tall."
    "Then we were all singing until we started going down the hill, and the car wouldn't stop, then..then..that's all I remember. How did Nikolas get so badly hurt?" I asked. "When the car hit the tree the windshield imploded and Nikolas flew out of the car through the space where the windshield was." Luke said. "But he was wearing his seatbelt, we all were," I said. "Thank god for that," Laura said. "Nikolas's seatbelt was cut almost in half, it couldn't support his weight when he flew forward, so it snapped and he flew out of the car," Luke said. "But who would cut the seatbelt, who would want to kill Nikolas?" Elizabeth asked.   
    "Oh god, I was sitting in the passenger seat on the way to the club, Helena said she would get rid of me eventually, oh god..she...she..." I said unable to continue. "She must have thought it would be you in the passenger seat, she wanted to get you out of Nikolas's life," Luke said. "Me and my baby," I finished. "BABY," Luke and Laura said together.
    "Yes I am almost 2 months pregnant with Nikolas's baby, Helena warned me that my child must not live, something about power reverting to the widow of the last true prince Mikkos, and how if I tried to keep my baby that Elizabeth and Emily's babies would die too," I said outloud for the first time. "You are all pregnant?" Laura asked. "Yes you guys are going to be grandparents, two grandkids for the price of one, " I joked. "Three if you count Emily, she's family too," Elizabeth said. "No way, no calling me grandpa, my hair is far to young looking for that," Luke said. "What hair Luke?" Elizabeth, Emily, and I teased, and Lucky laughed.
    The mood quickly sobered however when I remembered that Helena had almost succeeded in killing the babies. "She almost did it, she almost killed the most important things to me, my friends, the people I have come to know as family, Nikolas, and my baby, she had better stay far away from me because I will NOT be held accountable for my actions," I said. "Spoken like a true Spencer, well close enough," Luke laughed. "Don't worry though, dad has been itching to put Helena on ice for 20-some years now," Lucky said.
    "That's right, so you ladies won't have to worry about anything but making sure my grandchildren are safe, and coming up with the perfect names, the letter L offers lots of possibilities, but of course Lucas Lorenzo Spencer III is already reserved for Lucky and Elizabeth's son, we can call him Lorenzo, or Cowboy Jr. for short," Luke laughed. "Dad, don't you think we have enough Spencer's named Lucas in Port Charles already," Lucky said laughing. "Aww but I think its sweet Lucas Lorenzo," Elizabeth said. "You asked for it Elizabeth Imogene," Lucky teased back. We all started laughing.
    Just then Bobbie rushed into our room in a panic, "Luke, we need you to donate blood, both Nikolas and Zander need it badly, the operations aren't going that well, Nikolas needs his kidney and his spleen removed, and Zander needs to replace the blood loss from his chest wound, hurry Luke you are the only one that matches," she said.
    "Now how the hell is that possible Barbara Jean," Luke said, obviously stunned to find out that he was a match for Nikolas, let alone for both Nikolas and Zander. "I don't know Luke, but we typed and cross-matched both of them and your blood was the only one that matched. I ran a paternity test because I did the blood test 5 times and it came back the same. Luke, Laura, you might want to sit down for this." Bobbie said. "Just tell us little sister," Luke said, the wheels in his head turning. "Luke you are Nikolas's father, and there's more, it's a 99.999% likelyhood that you are also Zander's father, if you want to save your sons Luke you have to come with me right now," Bobbie said. Luke took one look at his now 3 future daughters-in-law and bolted from the room to save his other son's lives.

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