Chapter 29
The Boxcar


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Luke's Club
    "What do you say we take the old Caddy for a ride darlin?" Luke said, not too long after the kids had left. "Let's take the long way around Nikolas's cottage," Laura answered. "Checking to make sure they got home safely still angel?" Luke asked as they left the club. They drove the short distance to the hill behind Nikolas's cottage and were happily listening to the radio. When they got to the top of the hill they heard a metallic scraping noise. By the time they made it down the hill they saw a black convertable swerving wildly, and then heard a loud definite crash. Luke parked the car on the side of the road near the guardrail of the bridge over the Port Charles River. Luke and Laura walked quickly over to the wreck of the car to help the people inside.
    What they saw shocked them. "Oh god LUKE, its the kids," Laura said, seeing Lucky, Elizabeth, Emily, and Zander in the backseat. Elizabeth and Emily just had a few minor cuts and scrapes, while Lucky had a pretty serious gash above one eye. Zander on the other hand had glass shards in his face and one dangerously close to his throat. They didn't attempt to move any of the young people for fear of further injuring them. Luke walked around to the front of the car and gasped as he saw Autumn in the driver's seat. She was collapsed over the steering wheel with her arms flung over the dashboard and thru the windshield, well, what was left of it.
    Then he looked at the passenger's seat but it was empty except for the seatbelt which was now in two pieces. There was no sign of Nikolas. Laura also came around to the front of the car and started weeping at the sight of Autumn with blood trickling from cuts on her face and arms. Then she realized that Nikolas was missing. Luke grabbed his cell phone finally and called the accident into 911 dispatch telling them that there were 6 victims and that at least 3, maybe 4 were pretty badly injured.
    They searched the woodsy area near the car for any sign of Nikolas. They finally found him about 20 feet away from the car bleeding heavily and hardly breathing. Zander was also having problems breathing after they came back to the car and checked on everyone else. Valentine's Day had once again turned into a nightmare. "Damn Helena this has her name written all over it," Luke cursed outloud. "I should have sent her to hell a long time ago," he continued. "Luke, that won't do us any good we need to be strong for all of them now. The ambulance came and took them to General Hospital and Luke and Laura followed in the Caddy.
    I heard voices faintly. They were muddled and unclear but it was enough to start shaking me out of my deep sleep. I opened my eyes for a moment but the lights were too bright. I started panicking, where was I, what happened. Then it hit me, Valentine's Day, the party, driving Nikolas's car, the accident. Oh my god, I thought, where is Nikolas, he isn't here. "No, Nikolas, where's Nikolas," I said wincing in pain as I started thrashing around on the bed. Then I thought about everyone else, and my baby. "NIKOLAS," I screamed. Tony and Bobbie rushed into my room along with Gail when they heard my scream. "Please, where's Nikolas, I need Nikolas?" I said trying to pull at the IV line in my arm. "Bobbie would you get a sedative for Autumn, now just calm down, do you remember what happened?" Gail said slowly. "NO, I don't want a sedative, you'll kill my baby, oh god my baby, and Nikolas, where's Nikolas, please doctor I need him," I sobbed trying to claw at Tony's hands as he examined me.
    Bobbie returned from getting the sedative and got ready to push it into my IV, but I resisted. "Don't kill my baby please, it's all I have left, please," I begged. "You're pregnant?" Bobbie asked. "Yes, about 6 weeks, Nikolas doesn't even know, why can't you tell me where he is?" I said. "Let's just make sure the baby is okay first, have you had your first ultrasound yet?" Bobbie asked gently. "No we were supposed to go in a couple of weeks, Elizabeth, Emily, and I, oh god, is everyone else okay, why am I all alone?" I asked. Bobbie wiped a few tears out of her eyes before she asked, "Are you all pregnant?" I squeezed her hand as she hooked up the ultrasound machine, "Yes, we just found out a week ago, we haven't even told the guys yet, because of all the threats against me, I didn't want to, I need Nikolas or someone please, tell me if they are okay?" I said, starting to lose control again. "Let's just check on this baby and then you can go in the room with Elizabeth and Emily." Bobbie said. She ran the ultrasound as Tony called up to OBGYN for a specialist to come down to potentially deal with 3 at risk pregnancies. The ultrasound showed a small baby, but Bobbie could point out the head forming. It was too early to tell the sex, and I told her that I would rather be surprised anyway.
    They finally transfered me to the room where Elizabeth and Emily were. The OBGYN had just given them ultrasounds and prescribed bedrest for all three of us just in case we developed complications with the placenta seperating as the babies grew larger. "Just for a couple of months or so girls, until you are a little further along," he promised. "Bobbie, what happened to Nikolas, please?" I asked, noticing that none of the guys were in the room with us. "He's in surgery, Monica is fixing him up, he was hurt pretty badly when he was thrown from the car," she said with tears in her eyes.
    "Where are Lucky and Zander, I just want to make sure I didn't kill anyone?" I asked. "Zander is also in surgery, and Lucky is just getting a few stitches here and there, and I will send him in as soon as he is put back together, you ladies try to get some rest now, I will tell you when I have some news," Bobbie said. "Wait, just one more thing, who found us and called the ambulance?" Elizabeth asked. "Luke and Laura did, on their way home from the club, they thought they would take the scenic route behind the cottage and they saw the accident happen," Bobbie said quietly. "Can you send them in here please? We want to thank them," Emily said.
    While we waited for Bobbie to find Luke and Laura I started crying. I managed to stop sobbing long enough to look over at Elizabeth and Emily and say, "I am so sorry you guys, once again I took the best night of our lives and turned it into the worst, I almost killed the only friends I have known, and I almost killed our babies." Elizabeth gave me a weak smile and said, "Well you do have a habit of ending up in the ER on Valentine's Day, but it wasn't your fault the brakes went out that is all, and we are here and the babies are ok." All of a sudden we heard a knock on the door and Lucky walked into the room with a sling on his left arm and a bandage on his forhead where they had to take a piece of glass out of his scalp. "What is this I hear about babies?" he asked, sitting in one of the chairs between my bed and Elizabeth's.
    "I was scared to tell you Lucky, we all were scared, but you, Zander, and Nikolas are going to be father's in about 7 1/2 months, if everything goes okay," Elizabeth said sadly. "Why are you sad, that's great news," Lucky said. "She's sad because Nikolas and Zander are in surgery, we don't know how they are, and even when they are okay,  Emily and I can't go see them and let them know because we are on bedrest, and I need to see Nikolas, so I know I didn't kill him," I said in a rush, trying to control my tears. "That and Helena is threatening to kill our babies to get Autumn away from Nikolas," Elizabeth said, sharing the nightmare that had plagued me for weeks. Just as we started talking about the she-devil's curse we heard Luke's unmistakable voice in the hallway outside the room. 

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