Chapter 25
The Boxcar


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The Cottage
New Year's Day
    Everyone had decided to come over for New Year's Day to celebrate my birthday, a day late. Nikolas and I were a little tired from last night, but we were looking forward to just celebrating with our friends, no fear, no worries.
    Elizabeth, Emily, and I were in the kitchen getting the food together about an hour later while the guys were engrossed in one of the hundreds of football games in the other room. "So how was your night Autumn?" Elizabeth asked me. "It was wonderful, Nikolas was so gentle and patient," I said. "So you decided you were ready?" Elizabeth said smiling. "Yes and it was beautiful, he had roses and candles, and music playing, oh guys I love him so much," I said, starting to cry. "I am so glad for you Autumn," Emily said as she moved the salad to the other counter.
    "How were your guys' evenings?" I asked them smiling. "The usual, you know, me and Lucky upstairs. We listened to music and fell asleep together, after, you know," Elizabeth said blushing. "Zander and I spent last night together, in Alexis's penthouse. The family was being crazy again, you know the usual, well with Skye here now, I just couldn't stand it anymore." Emily said. "So it sounds like we all had a good night," I said. "How about we get out there with the food before the guys realize that we've been talking about them again?" Elizabeth said. "That's a good idea, they have big enough heads as it is," I said grabbing some of the food.
    We sat down and had a nice dinner and later Nikolas brought out a birthday cake with 22 candles. Everyone sang Happy Birthday, and for the first time that I could remember it was a happy day. We all settled in to watch movies and act like kids again, something most of us hadn't been able to do for a long time.
A Payphone on the Docks
    "Yes I am ready to make the call," a gruff voice said. "Perfect, this has to work, my grandson must get rid of that common whore after this, or else." Helena said. "I will end her life as she knows it," Faison said, laughing as he hung up the phone and prepared to dial the cottage.
The Cottage
    The ringing of the phone startled me out of my half sleepy state, Nikolas got up by the third ring and grabbed the phone, "Nikolas Cassidine, who is this? Hello, HELLO," he said frustration apparent in his face. "Hello young Mr. Cassadine," Faison said. "Who is this?" Nikolas asked. "A friend, who is concerned about your choice of companions." Faison said. "My grandmother put you up to this, but it won't work," Nikolas said. "It's time you learned the truth about Autumn's past," Faison growled. "I know what I need to know," Nikolas answered. "Oh so you know that she killed a 10 year old girl then?" Faison said. "You are lying," Nikolas said. "Break it off with her now, or your grandmother will have to eliminate her. You have been warned." Faison said, and then hung up the phone.
    I had walked over and stood leaning against Nikolas so I could hear the conversation. My last secret was out now what was I supposed to do, tell him and wait for him to be disgusted with me and throw me out or lie to him yet again. My mind started shutting down and I sank against him, unable to stand up on my own. He helped me to the couch. "Autumn, just tell me honey, tell me what happened?" he begged. "I don't want you to hate me," I said sobbing. "I love you Autumn, I love you, and whatever you say won't make that change, I swear," Nikolas said.
    "Ok, you guys better sit down. When I was 14, Tom and Steve had been selling me on the street for awhile already, to pay off debts and get drugs, anyway, they also were selling another girl, she was 10. Anyway one day they came to me after I had tried to run away and said that as punishment I would have to punish another girl for them. I thought they only wanted me to rough her up a little and steal her money, but...but...they gave me a knife and told to use it on her to teach her a lesson. I slit her wrists, just a little, but it was too much and she bled to death in my arms.The worst part was, that I knew the girl, sh..she was my best friend's sis..sister, her family never knew what happened to her. I didn't mean to and I wanted to forget I did it, that's why I didn't tell you before. I am sorry Nikolas, don't make me go away, they will get me again and kill me." I openly sobbed as Nikolas wrapped his arms around me and held me close. Everyone looked at us with determination, to keep us safe and together no matter what. Little did we know the fight was just beginning, and we would have a huge surprise along the way.

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