Chapter 26
The Boxcar


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About a month later
Lucky's Apartment
    Early in the morning Lucky picked up the phone. He was going to do something he should have done right after Autumn was attacked last Valentine's Day. He called Sonny to ask him to track down Tom and Steve and make them disappear so they could no longer be used by Helena to hurt Nikolas and Autumn.
    "Hello," Sonny said, picking up the phone after the 3rd ring. "Sonny, it's Lucky, do you have a moment to talk, it's business," Lucky said. "Hold on," Sonny said. He put the phone down and Lucky could hear him telling Carly that it was a quick business call, and Carly said she would be upstairs getting Micheal ready for school. "Alright kid go ahead," Sonny said. "It's about that favor I asked you about last year, after Autumn was raped." Lucky said nerviously. "About getting rid of the jerks who attacked her?" Sonny asked. "Yes, you see, Helena Cassadine is using them to try to get Autumn out of Nikolas's life, she wants them to scare her into leaving, or kill her, we aren't sure, anyway she's working with her not so dead son Stavros and someone else as well, can you help?" Lucky said taking a deep breath.
    "I will put a few of my men on it, tracking the viper and her boy toys down, I will let you know before I do anything," Sonny said. "Please hurry, they have already attacked Autumn, who knows who they will go after next to get what they want." Lucky said, fear apparent in his voice. "I will make it a priority, don't worry Lucky, my guys will find them and make sure that they can't hurt anyone ever again, do you want guards for the girls?" Sonny asked. "If you can spare them, it would make it a lot easier, I can't be with Elizabeth all the time, and Nikolas could stop panicking everytime the phone rings," Lucky said. "Alright, it's done, I have to go bring Micheal to school now, I'll be in touch." Sonny said. "Thank you, I will tell Nikolas that you are helping us out, don't worry, he won't tell anyone else." Lucky said. "That's what friends are for Lucky, I said I would take care of it and I will, talk to you later," Sonny said, hanging up the phone.
    Lucky went downstairs to tell Nikolas that Sonny was helping watch out for Autumn, Elizabeth, and Emily, and trying to find Tom and Steve so they couldn't do anymore damage. We had a nice breakfast and then decided to go see a double feature later on at the movie theater. Elizabeth, Emily, and I decided to go shopping for the afternoon and then meet up with the guys for the movies. We wanted a chance to talk about them and catch up on girl talk for awhile. They gave us some money and told us they would see us at 6pm for the movies.
The Mall
    We had shopped for about an hour when we decided to stop to talk and rest by the fountain in the center of the mall. We each threw a couple pennies in to make a wish and then sat on the bench. I noticed that Elizabeth looked a little tired and pale, and so did Emily, I knew that I probably looked about the same from all the stress the last few months. "Are you feeling alright?" I asked Elizabeth. "Actually I am really tired and I don't know what's going on." she said. "I've been feeling tired lately too, I was going to make an appointment to see the doctor next week but I don't know, maybe its just the flu or something." Emily said. "I know, I can't eat anything lately without feeling sick," I said.
    "Maybe we should all make appointments together and see what's happening before we spread it to the guys or something." Elizabeth said. "That sounds like a good idea," Emily said. We shopped for about another hour and then grabbed something to eat, but all I could eat was about half of a small sandwhich and a bottle of water. "Guys I'm worried," I said. "What about Autumn?" Emily asked. "I didn't want to mention this before, but I am starting to think I might be pregnant." I said. "You should find out, would you keep it?" Elizabeth asked. "Yes, I already had 2 forced abortions when I was younger, this baby would be a gift," I said, pushing the thoughts of the nightmare I had the night before away. "Um, maybe I should get a test too," Emily said quietly. "Me too, I didn't want to say anything because of what's been happening," Elizabeth said. We stopped at the drugstore on our way to the theater and bought home testing kits. Then we joined the guys.
    We only half watched the movies because we were so nervous about getting back to the cottage to take the tests. We got there and sat up talking until the guys gave up and went to sleep, then we quietly shut ourselves into the bathroom and started the longest 3 minute wait of our lives. None of us wanted to look at the stick in our hand. The nightmare played in my head over and over again...The little prince or princess must not live or the other children will be in danger too...It was the moment of truth. We looked at the sticks with nervous fear. "Pregnant," Elizabeth said. "Pregnant," Emily said. "Pregnant," I said, my voice shaking. "I guess we'll have to make those appointments after all," Elizabeth said. "Let's do it at Mercy though, my parents will kill me when they find out as it is," Emily said. I couldn't say anything, I just started crying because I had just endangered everyone's lives again. Helena would kill all of our children to get me away from Nikolas. I vowed not to tell Nikolas until I had to about the baby, but that time would come much sooner than I had thought.
The Secret Room Under GH
    "Perfect, Three children Quartermaine, Spencer, and Cassadine shall be born, one must not live, and the other two will now be in danger. You should have left when you had a chance Autumn, now Nikolas will lose the love of his life and his unborn child in one tragic moment. Everything is falling into place, and I will soon have all the power Mikkos left me." Helena said laughing evily as she listened in to our conversation in the cottage.

Chapter 27