Chapter 16
The Boxcar


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In an unknown location
    "You idiots, I gave you the perfect chance to get rid of our little problem and neither of you could finish the job. Now I know you both harbor some feelings still for your useless step-daughter but if you won't eliminate her I will have to find someone who is worthy of the money I give them." The mystery women said, walking over to the wall and flipping on the light switch, bathing the room in a cold blue light.
    "We tried Mrs. Cassadine, but your grandson and his friends got in the way," Tom said, begging with his eyes to be spared from the evil this women was capable of. "Stop begging both of you, I'm not going to kill you," she said. They breathed a sigh of relief. "On the contrarie I am going to give you another chance to remove Autumn from Nikolas's life for good, you can kill her, or kidnap her and do whatever you want with her it doesn't matter as long as she is gone. I have some plans for Nikolas and I don't need his new little girlfriend underfoot. You were supposed to get to her before anyone got attached to her. Now it will be more difficult." she said, examining some papers in a folder marked Autumn. "Here is the latest information I put together on her, it appears that she has just informed Emily Quartermaine about their father, yes they are half-sisters, and WHAT, she has told Nikolas and the rest of them about you two," she said angrily casting them a murderous look."This is why you should have killed her in her hospital bed before she had the chance to tell them, now your jobs will be that much more difficult," she said.
    "We will get it done Mrs. Cassadine, you don't have to worry about it," Steve said, offering his hand to Helena, as well as a menacing grin. "Oh I won't worry, because if you fail, or my name is linked to this in anyway, you will be spending eternity in hell," she said ignoring his outstretched hand. "Now do you have a plan, other than drag her into the bushes and attack her again, she is used to that by now, and you can't scare her into running, she's already told them all of her secrets?" Helena said, eager to get this part of the plan off the ground.
    "They don't know all of her secrets believe me, there are things that she would never share with Nikolas because he would throw her out in a moment," Tom said. "Well what is it, they already know about the years of poverty, being raped repeatedly by you both, her mother dying of AIDS, being sold into prostitution, and the abortions. What else is there that would possibly scare them away now?" Helena said impatiently. "Then they don't know that Autumn killed someone?" Tom asked smiling at the look on Helena's face.
Meanwhile at General Hospital
    "Can I get out of this place yet?" I complained to Bobbie as she wheeled me back from physical therapy. My leg had been taken out of the cast but I was still temporarily paralized from the stab wounds so I was in a wheelchair. "You heard what they said, after you learn how to steer this thing by yourself and can start using crutches they will let me take you home," Nikolas said walking alongside us. "Sorry for whining, I hate hospitals, and I probably make a horrible patient," I said to Bobbie.
    Once I got settled back in my room Emily came in and sat in one of the chairs, moving around trying to sit in a better position. "Pretty uncomfortable aren't they?" I asked watching her squirm. "Yes, you think they would want people to be comfortable when they visit people here, oh I told my parents about what we talked about, you know our dad, and they want you to come over when you get released, a family dinner or something, don't worry I will make sure Grandmother knows ahead of time so she can warn Grandfather to behave," Emily said in a rush.
    I laughed, "Slow down Emily, you don't have to talk so fast, I'm not going anywhere without 2 nurses and a doctor to move me to my chair, Nikolas to push me around and my personal guards following behind," I said looking out the open door of the room at the two police officers who were now standing guard. "Dinner sounds interesting, I've met your Grandmother at dinner that night, and your mother and father of course, while I've been here. Is your Grandfather really that bad?" I asked. "No, not all the time, he just gets in these moods and then he can be a real monster, but like I said will warn Grandmother and she will keep him in line, or he will have to answer to her for upsetting you while you are injured, when do you get sprung from this place anyway?" she asked.
    "Whenever the therapist decides that I can drive my little buddy over there and I can start to use crutches sometimes, then I go back to the cottage, when Nikolas will let me out of the cottage I don't know, and I probably lost my job already I've been gone long enough." I said. "Actually Mr. Spen...uh Luke said he would hold your job until you are able to come back to work, he was here visiting quite a bit, and Laura too." she said. "I thought you told me that Mr and Mrs Spencer were divorced? They seem to spend a lot of time together for a divorced couple." I said. "Actually they never finalized it, and they are starting to get back together, they have been dating for about a year now, it's cute and they seem so happy together." Emily said. We spent the rest of the afternoon talking about things we would like to do and laughing over Quartermaine horror stories.
    Zander, Lucky, Elizabeth, and Nikolas came in about an hour later and they started in on their ongoing game of who's family was worse between Lucky, Nikolas, and Emily. Elizabeth, Zander and I just sat and laughed at all the stories they told and finally we agreed that The Cassadines won hands down. We never realized that our conversation was being taped and that Helena watched us from her secret room, she let out an evil laugh and said, "If you only knew what the Cassadine's are capable of Autumn, if you only knew..." 

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