Chapter 17
The Boxcar


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About a week later
    "So, I hear you are anxious to get out of here?" Tony said checking my reflexes. "Actually yes, I would be very happy to leave," I said. "Well all you have to do is answer the magic questions and you are out of here," he said. "Ok, what do you want to know?" I said smiling. "What is today's date, what day of the week is it, and who is picking you up?" he asked. "Today is February 28th, its a Friday I think, yeah Friday, and Nikolas is picking me up, unless he has to work then Lucky is coming to get me, along with everyone else. Is that it, can I get out of here?" I said laughing.
The Cottage
   "Finally, the hospital was starting to bother me," I said settling on the couch and pushing the wheelchair over to the end of the couch. I had to use the chair for about another week then I would be able to walk with crutches. "Are your legs bothering you?" Lucky asked. "Just a little, when is Nikolas going to be home anyway?" I asked, trying to get comfortable on the couch. "He's picking everyone else up to have a little welcome home gathering, but if you want me to carry you upstairs so you can take a nap I can," Lucky said.
    "No, I'll be fine here, why don't you go do whatever you need to get done, I will be okay," I said. "Oh, no Nikolas would kill me if I left you alone here, after what hap..." he said letting the end of his sentence trail as he realized what he was about to say. "What happened to me, it's okay, you can say it, I was raped by the same bastard who raped your girlfriend 4 years ago, you must see me as a reminder of what happened then and how you couldn't get there to save either one of us. Nikolas is the same way, he is beating himself up because neither of you were fast enough to save me...or Elizabeth. It's not your fault, it's mine for running away and not giving them the money and doing everything else I did," I said, starting to cry. "It's Tom's fault not yours Autumn," Lucky said, tears in his own eyes as some of what I had said hit a little too close to home, about not being able to save Elizabeth and now not being able to prevent it from happening again. "Actually Lucky, would you bring me upstairs, I need to think for awhile in private," I said. "Ok, but if you need anything, anything at all, just tell me, and I will send Nikolas up to get you as soon as he gets here," Lucky said.
    After he carried me to my room next to Nikolas's room I lay on the bed and cried. My eyes were red and puffy. "Why, why can't I tell them everything, it's only one more thing that I did, they know everything else, why can't I let them know this?" I asked myself out loud. "Why can't I tell them that when I was 14, Tom made me help him kill a 10 year old girl because she owed them money?" I continued sobbing to myself. "Because you know that secret will ruin everything and you will go back to being hated, scared, and alone. And that Nikolas is the only thing keeping Tom and Steve from killing you, " I thought to myself. I vowed that no one would ever find out. Not knowing that the last person I would want to know already had that evidence, and she had just heard my conversation to myself.
    "Soon my dear, everyone will know your little secret, hmm, maybe you are of more use than I originally thought, maybe I will have those two incompetant idiots kidnap you and let everyone think you died in some horrid accident, then you can help me regain control of Lucky Spencer, Nikolas, and the truth about the Cassadine empire." Helena chuckled to herself as she listened to the bug she had planted in Nikolas's cottage.

Chapter 18