Chapter 4
The Boxcar


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Kelly's Diner
     "Autumn, Autumn, it's Lucky, you are okay, just wake up. I called Nikolas, and he will be here any minute," he said, just as Nikolas walked into the mostly empty diner.
    "Autumn, come on I am going to take you home," Nikolas said, as I slowly opened my eyes. Fear clouded my vision and all I could see was a tall man standing over me. I screamed and started fighting him off, panic overwhelming me. Nikolas managed to get me to the car, with the help of Lucky and Zander. Everyone came back to the cottage, so that when I woke up again I wouldn't be frightened by waking up to just Nikolas. They put me in bed upstairs, and I lay there in a panicked daze, unaware of my real surroundings. The phone call had sent me back to my little room at home, with him, and I did what I always did to survive, I lost myself in a protective bubble of unconsciousness.
    They discussed what happened once they got downstairs. "What happened Lucky," asked Nikolas, showing his obvious concern. "I don't know, someone called her at Kelly's and she answered the phone, but I don't even know if anyone was on the other end. She went white as a ghost and fainted." Lucky said. "I grabbed the phone afterwards and all I heard was a man laughing," Elizabeth added, visably shaken. "The voice sounded familiar, but oh god it couldn't be, he can't be out," She continued.
    "Who was it Elizabeth?" Emily asked concerned. "It sounded like, like Tom." She said, starting to cry. Emily also started crying as the two girls remembered the hell each of them had gone through because of Tom. "Taggart would have told us if Tom was out of jail, wouldn't he?" Lucky said worriedly. "He should have, and if he didn't he will hear about it now, " Nikolas said, standing up and pacing around the living room, "But how does he know Autumn," he wondered. "Who is this Tom person who has everyone worried," Zander asked, also concerned for Emily's safety. "He's the bastard who blackmailed me, and before that he raped Elizabeth in the park on Valentine's Day," Emily said openly sobbing. "We put him in jail almost four years ago, for blackmailing Emily, we could never prove he raped me, even though he admited it, oh god not again, I can't do this again." Elizabeth sobbed into Lucky's shoulder.
    "Don't panic everyone, Elizabeth only said she thought the voice sounded like Tom's, he is probably still in jail where he belongs." Zander said, trying to calm everyone down, but it wasn't helping. "Believe me Zander, his voice is very distinct, I could almost hear him saying "NOT A WORD," like he did that night," Elizabeth said. "What are we going to do now, just pretend this didn't happen, or are we going to try to make sure nothing happens to Autumn or any of us because of that bastard again," Nikolas said enraged.
    I continued to sleep upstairs, having vivid nightmares of my childhood secrets, secrets which would, in my opinion, destroy my friendship with everyone downstairs. I vowed to not tell them anything about what had happened, so they wouldn't think I was bad...Autumn is bad, a bad bad girl, and she needs to be punished....I heard his voice repeat that over and over again as unconsciousness again carried me away, to my safe place where even he couldn't touch me.
    Everyone else plotted and planned to find out what was happening to me, and them now. They vowed to find a way to keep our group safe, but I knew that was not possible. He would not rest until he had me under his control again, or until he killed me.

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