Chapter 5
The Boxcar


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Nikolas's Cottage
  "Autumn, are you awake," I heard Nikolas say. I jumped out of bed, thinking I was late for work or something, then I remembered what had happened yesterday. "I'm awake, I'm sorry for sleeping so long, I guess I was just tired," I said embarassed, I really needed to control these spells, or I wouldn't be able to keep my secrets. I just needed to save a little more money and then I could run again, but to where I didn't know, he had followed me everywhere so far.
    "Do you feel up to going to Kelly's for lunch, Lucky called and invited us, you don't have to work, Luke heard about what happened and told you to rest and not worry about making up the time," Nikolas said as he opened the door to the guest room where I was staying. "I guess that would be okay, I really should work though, I do need the money," I said as I finished brushing my unruly curls into a managable pony tail. "Do you want to talk about what happened, what had you so scared last night." he asked concerned. "There's nothing to talk about, I just got some more bad news,and I was exhausted, and I just collapsed," I said trying to keep him from asking the questions I was sure were coming. "Autumn, you fainted, and then you fought with me so hard it took Lucky, Zander, and I to get you to the car, if there is anything you want to talk about, I am here for you, or you could talk to Elizabeth, she is very understanding, and gives great advice." he said as he buttoned up his shirt the rest of the way. "I'm ready to go back to the land of the living, before everyone else calls out a search party," I said, trying to make a joke.
   "Are you okay Autumn." Elizabeth asked. "Yes, thank you everyone for your help last night, I just found out some bad news and I guess I was so tired I just couldn't deal with it very well." I said. We sat there trying to enjoy a nice lunch, but I felt like everyone was staring at me waiting for me to crumble again. "Guys I'm not made of glass, I won't break sitting here you know," I said.
    Just then the door to Kelly's opened and a women walked in, talking to herself and busily jotting notes in a little notepad. "What can I get for you Lucy?" Emily asked. "What, oh, um, a coffee to go, and a piece of Apple Pie." Lucy said. "Anything else?" Emily asked. "No, not unless you want to be my newest bestest friend in the whole world," she asked. "What do you need Lucy?" Lucky asked wandering over to the counter with Elizabeth.
    "Well, the T-shirts for the Nurse's Ball aren't designed yet, it's only 2 weeks away, we'll have to rush the order, Elizabeth would you do it again?...and one of my acts cancelled so I have a hole to fill, would you like to sing Lucky, or Emily, or how about all of you do something together." Lucy finally took a deep breath and stopped talking for a few minutes.
    "Well I would be happy to do the T-shirt design for you Lucy," Elizabeth said smiling. "As for us performing, did you have something you needed us to do, or is it pretty open still?" Lucky said, as he gestured over to our table where Zander, Nikolas, and I were still sitting. We walked over and were introduced to the hurricane that was Lucy Coe-Collins while she was planning the Nurse's Ball. We agreed to do an act together to fill in for the act that pulled out, but we didnt know what we were going to do. "How about something from Grease, I love that musical," I said. Nikolas noted my enthusiasm and said, " I don't think I've ever seen that movie, I know its a classic, but I was pretty secluded as a child." he said. "Why don't we rent it tonight and try to get an idea for a song?" Emily said. "I love the song Summer Nights, but we could use a couple more people for it to work better," Elizabeth said. "This could be fun, my first Nurse's Ball," Zander said. "Mine too," I agreed. "Why don't we just do Summer Nights, the six of us, and forget about extra people? The only other people I can think of are Alison and Jamal, and I would rather not hang around them." Emily said. "Sounds good to me," I said, and Elizabeth, Lucky, Zander, and Nikolas all nodded. So before Lucy left Kelly's with her order we told her we were doing Summer Nights from Grease in the 8th annual Nurse's Ball.

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