Chapter 1
The Boxcar


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Kelly's Diner
     "Can I help you?" I heard from a pretty petite waitress as soon as I entered the restaurant. "Um I'm not sure, I'm new in town and I was actually looking for a place to stay, but I don't have that much money left, so I need a job, do you know anyplace that is looking for someone?" I said nervously. "Actually we are looking for someone here" said another voice, belonging to a handsome blond man sitting at the counter. "My name is Lucky and this is my girlfriend Elizabeth." he said holding out his hand. I shook it and then shook Elizabeth's hand as well before saying "My name is Autumn, I'm willing to do anything to get enough money for a place to stay while I'm here." Lucky said, "Well then you've come to the right place, hold on let me get my dad, he owns this place."
     A few minutes later after the sound of pots and pans crashing around a man came out of the kitchen and introduced himself, "Well hello darlin, my name is Luke Spencer, I see you've already met my son and my best waitress, I hear you're lookin for a job in my diner?" I stepped back from him a little fearfully and said "Ye-ee-es I need a place to stay, and I'm run-nn-ing low on money." He smiled and said "When can you start? I need to get back to my club and make sure its still standing." I answered, " How about now, is there a place for me to stay here too?" Lucky stepped in and said "Actually all the rooms are full, but we'll help you find a place." Just then the bell over the door rang and 3 people walked into the diner laughing.
     "Hey Lucky what's going on?" said the tall dark haired man. "Not much bro, meet our new waitress Autumn, we are trying to find her a place to stay since all the rooms are full upstairs." The dark haired man held out his hand and said "Nikolas Cassadine at your service." Luke snorted back a laugh and said "Pay no attention to the dark prince darlin." Nikolas shot him a dirty look and continued "I have a big empty cottage and I was actually looking for a new roommate, rent is cheap, and I'm pretty easy to live with." I smiled and said "Well rent would have to be free right now until Mr. Spencer pays me, but it is a place to stay so why not!" Luke frowned and said "Call me Luke darlin Mr. Spencer was my father."
     Lucky laughed and leaned over to Elizabeth and the other couple standing by the counter and said " My brother, always taking in strays." Then Elizabeth noticed me looking at the other people standing there and said "Oh how rude of me, this is Emily Quartermaine and her boyfriend Zander, Emily is the other person who lives upstairs, and she also works here." I shook their hands, but I couldn't stop staring at Emily's face, I said "Emily, do I know you from somewhere?" she thought a moment and then said "I don't think so, I've lived here since I was 11, why?" I smiled and said "It's probably nothing you just look familiar that's all, like I knew you from when I was younger, someone from California that I grew up with or something." She said "Well I grew up in Arizona so I don't think so, sorry." I said "That's okay, just curious." Just then Nikolas's cell phone rang, and he had to go to work, he asked " Autumn do you want me to bring you to the house so you can get settled in before you start working?" I answered "Well...Mr...uh Luke, when do I start working anyway?" Luke said "How about tomorrow, get settled in with the Prince, and come in at 9am." I said "Sounds good, thank you again for the job."
    Nikolas turned to everyone and said "How about you all come over for dinner tonight, and everyone bring something we will have a dinner party." Lucky, Emily, Elizabeth, and Zander all nodded and started talking about what they would bring. I asked Nikolas "Do you have any groceries, so I can whip something up while you are at work?" He asked "You actually cook, we usually just order in since no one can cook." Elizabeth said "Hey I can make brownies!" Everyone laughed and I said "Well, I want to contribute, so how about I make appetizers?" Nikolas said "Well lets stop at the store and you can get whatever you need then." So we left Kelly's and headed towards the store and then to Nikolas's cottage where he dropped me off in my new home.

Chapter 2