Chapter 2
The Boxcar


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Nikolas's Cottage
     We went to the grocery store and got a few things for the dinner party, and Nikolas showed me around the cottage. I got settled in my room and then got to work in the kitchen making Swedish Meatballs which were my favorite appetizer. Nikolas said he'd be back at about 6pm, and that he was going to stop by Kelly's to pick everyone up for the dinner party. Time flew by and pretty soon the meatballs were done and it was time to get the house ready for the party, I set the table and put out a few candles, then I arranged the flowers that Nikolas had around the house to make a centerpiece. Pretty soon everyone was there and the party got started.
    "Wow this place looks great, all you needed was a women's touch huh bro." Lucky said laughing at the expression on Nikolas's face, which was a mix between laughter and annoyance. "Very funny little brother," he said.
    "Thank you Lucky, that name keeps making me think of the 101 Dalmations, sorry." I said. "More like the Pokey Little Puppy, he took forever to get ready," Elizabeth said laughing. "Hey, I didn't take as long as you and Emily did so there," Lucky said. "So Zander you dont say much, are you new in town too?" I said politely. "Um, no I came here about 6 months ago or so," he said. "How about I light some of these candles, it will make the room more festive," I said trying to change the subject.
    "Please don't," Elizabeth said quietly. "Oh, do you not like candles?" I asked. "Just not tonight please." She said. "Okay, I'm sorry to bring up bad memories," I apologized. " Oh my god, I am so sorry guys, I forgot about what tonight is, I am so sorry," Nikolas said. "What's so special about April 16th?" Zander asked.
    "Two years ago tonight Lucky, Elizabeth, Emily, and I had a dinner party at Kelly's, and later that night Lucky disappeared, was kidnapped, and everyone thought he was dead for a year," Nikolas said. " I am sorry, why did everyone think he was dead?" I asked. "There was a f-f-ire, the police said it was started by candles that I gave him," Elizabeth answered, looking sad. "It's okay everyone, I'm here, I made it, lets just enjoy this wonderful feast ok," Lucky said, trying to cheer us up.
    We started eating the meatballs I made, ribs and cheese fries from Eli's that Lucky brought, AuGratin potatos from Emily, A salad from Nikolas, crackers and cheese from Zander, and of course Elizabeth's famous brownies. The meal was great and we kept to pleasant topics, until the brownie toast. Zander fed Emily and said "May we be in love always," Emily fed Nikolas, and said "I am holding you to that promise to always be friends," Nikolas fed me and said, "Here's to new friends, and may tonight turn out better than our last toast," At that point everyone stopped and thought for a few moments until I fed Lucky and said "Thanks for the job and here's to many more happy nights," and finally Lucky fed Elizabeth and said "You have my heart it is a Permanent Lock, everything I am is in love with you, my mind, my heart, my body, my soul, Today~Forever." and Elizabeth added "and the day after that if it's possible." Everyone oohed and ahhed at their toast and then laughed at the annoyed expressions on their faces. "If looks could kill we'd be 6 feet under right now," I said laughing.
    Later that night after Nikolas had dropped everyone off at Kelly's we sat talking until 2 am. I asked him about his family and he explained that Lucky and him shared a mother and a little sister, and that he didn't get along with his uncle who had raised him, since his father was dead, and that Luke (his step-dad although he didn't come right out and say that) was acting more like a father figure lately than his own family. He told me to watch out for his Grandmother Helena because she was dangerous and that she was the one who had Lucky kidnapped. I told him that my mother was dead, and that I never knew my real father although I did have 2 stepfathers by the time I was 8 and that I hated both of them. Then he looked at his watch and said that he had to work in the morning early and I realized that I had to start at Kelly's at 9am, so we went to bed.

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