Chapter 7
The Boxcar


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In the Hallway
   Luke walked down the hall trying to ready himself to visit his daughters-in-law to see how they were doing. As he rounded the corner towards their room he saw something or someone he thought he would never see walking free again, Helena Cassadine. He sped up his walking and frantically opened the door to the room. Autumn and Nikolas were laying on her bed sleeping fitfully. Autumn looked as though she was having a bad dream and Nikolas was trying even in sleep to try to protect her.
   "I hate to do this children, but wake up, its an emergency," Luke said, smiling slightly as they woke up slowly.
   "What is it Luke I was just getting Autumn to sleep for once," Nikolas said.
   "Its your grandmother," Luke said.
   Nikolas and I were awake at once, sitting up in bed with the same shocked expression on our faces. "What about her Luke, did she finally die?" I asked.
   "I wish she had, but no, somehow she got the use of her legs back and she escaped from the safehouse," Luke said.
   "WHAT??" Nikolas said, followed by a string of expletives, most of which were in Russian and French.
   "It gets worse, not only did she escape but she is back in Port Charles, and she is in the hospital," Luke said, pulling out his cell phone and calling upstairs to Sonny who was on his way down anyway with Carly, Elizabeth, and Emily.
   "Did you see her Luke?" I asked, my heart pounding loudly until I felt sick to my stomach.
   "She was right outside your door, watching while you were trying to put Autumn to sleep, then she walked to the elevators and I don't know where she went," Luke said.
   This time I let out my own string of curse words followed by, "Someone should just kill the B***H and stop all of this nonsense already. I am so sick of living my life constantly looking in the shadows to make sure she isn't trying to kill me or my friends," I said.
   "I'm sorry Autumn, ever since you met me your life has been even more of a nightmare than it ever was," Nikolas said.
   "NO Nikolas, don't blame yourself for your psycho-granny and her screwed up sense of family loyalty and honor," I said trying to stand up.
   "Where do you think you are going darlin?" Luke said gently pushing my shoulders down to keep me in bed.
   "I am damn well going to go upstairs to make sure that my daughter is okay and the witch hasn't taken her," I said shouting, loudly enough that Sonny could hear me from the other end of the hallway and rushed over to the room.
   "What's going on in here, querida you need to stay in bed, Nikolas, Luke and I need to go outside in the hall and talk," Sonny said.
   "Please, just talk here, don't take Nikolas away from me," I said, clinging onto Nikolas's hand from fear and exhaustion.
   "Its okay sweetie, I will be right back, Laura will come down and sit with you, and Carly," he said as Carly walked into the room pushing Emily and Laura followed pushing Elizabeth's wheelchair into the room.
   "The surgery has started and so far everything is going okay," Carly said, stopping in her tracks as she saw the expression on Sonny's face. She knew something was very wrong.
   "Good everyone is here, we have a problem. Helena escaped and she's skulking around the hospital planning something," Luke said matter of factly.
   "S**T what else could go wrong?" Carly said.
   "Don't ask Caroline, don't ask," Luke said.
   "So what are we going to do about this, I for one want to personally make sure she can't hurt us ever again," I said.
   "I will handle this, and believe me she won't hurt one hair on anyone's head or she will be in the river swimming with Moreno," Sonny said.
   Outside in the hallway Helena sauntered past the door. She had just missed seeing her great-grandchildren before they went to surgery, but as she stood outside the door to the room she had sworn that none of the babies would make it home alive.

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