Angels Prologue
The Boxcar


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Minutes Later
   The ambulances pulled up to the doors of General Hospital in under 6 minutes. It felt like a lot longer, as I lay on the stretcher in a widening pool of my own blood, mine and possibly the baby's. I was drifting in and out, asking for Nikolas and grabbing Bobbie's hand as waves of pain and nausea wracked my body. Bobbie had ridden with me because I was the most serious of the three, they couldn't get my bleeding under control, and I had already lost nearly 1/3 of my body's blood supply in the short ambulance ride.
   The doctors got us inside and started buzzing around the gurneys. One of the doctors pulled everyone aside and quietly told Nikolas, Lucky, and Zander that they would most likely have to make one of the hardest choices imaginable.
   "We don't think we can save both the baby, and the mother, which one do you want us to try to save more?" the young doctor asked.
   "WHAT KIND OF QUESTION IS THAT, THEY ARE JUST KIDS, DO YOUR JOB AND SAVE THEM BOTH," Sonny said, anger bursting forth as he flashed back to when he had to sacrifice his son with Carly in order to save her life.
*Flashback: (note I don't know the exact dialogue)
   "Carly is stable, however, the baby is in trouble and will cause Carly problems if we let the pregnancy continue," the doctor said flatly.
   "Is the baby big enough to be born right now?" Sonny asked.
   "Its lungs aren't developed yet," the doctor said.
   "What does that mean?" Sonny asked.
   "Your son won't survive outside the womb, and your wife won't survive with the baby in the womb, either way someone is lost here, which one would you like us to save, your wife or your son," the doctor said.
   "Save my wife," Sonny said flatly, letting his son die.
(End of Flashback)*
   "We will try our best, but every moment the baby is inside, it puts its mother at risk, they will keep bleeding until we deliver the babies." The doctor said, breaking Sonny out of his thoughts.
   "Are the babies old enough to live outside...," Nikolas asked, his voice chocked by sobs as tears streamed down his face.
   "At 24 weeks they are just past viability, meaning that without further complications, they should have about a 50% chance of developing normally," the doctor said.
   "Then lets deliver the babies, and please do all you can to save our fiancee's," Lucky begged, his blue eyes pooled with tears, spilling over onto his cheeks.
   We were moved to the delivery room and settled into the large OR, waiting for our emergency C-sections.   "You may go in while we deliver your babies," the doctor said.
    "May I play some music, it's a comfort to Autumn?" Nikolas asked.
   "By all means, go ahead," the doctor said.
   Nikolas came into the room, walking over to the bed and setting the CD player and speakers down on the counter and plugging it in.
  "What would you like me to play sweetie?" he asked me.
   "Will you play my song again please?" I asked.
   "Whatever you want," he said.
   I relaxed as the music filled the air, which was good because they had started to get set up for the emergency C-section. My stomach was numbed, but because of the degree of blood loss I had already sustained, they couldn't risk my blood pressure bottoming out by giving me painkillers just yet. As the second verse of the song began the doctor, assisted by Bobbie, pulled out a small baby girl, showing her to me briefly. She wasn't crying, at first, but then a thin wail filled the air. I also heard the sounds of Elizabeth and Emily's babies. All three of the babies were breathing. Nikolas squeezed my hand, happy tears replacing the worried tears running down our faces. Just then my blood pressure started to bottom out. From all sides of the room the music was accompianied by the sound of the 3 heart monitors on Elizabeth, Emily, and I as they started to go off. The doctors and nurses working on us scrambled to stop the bleeding, which was quickly becoming a losing battle.
   The boys clung to our hands in a desperate attempt to keep us going, but one by one the heart monitors squealed and then flatlined.
   "Get the crash carts, 3 code blues," the doctors shouted.
   "I'm sorry, but everyone's going to have to leave," a nurse said.
   "Bobbie, don't let them give up, they have to make it, for us and for the babies," Nikolas said, pleading with his eyes to be allowed to stay in the room, but he was escorted into the hallway along with Lucky and Zander, the swinging doors flipping back and forth. From inside the operating room the boys heard the sounds of their children, the doctors shouting orders, the shrillness of the alarms, and very softly over all the noise the strains of the last verse of Autumn's song. The words of which were never so important as they were right at this moment.
 Same old boy, same sweet girl
 Five years down the road
 There's going to be a little one
 And she says its time to go
 Doctor says the baby's fine
 But you'll have to leave
 Cause his momma's fading fast
 And Johnny hit his knees
 And there he prayed
 Take the very breath you gave me
 Take the heart from my chest
 I'll gladly take her place if you'll let me
 Make this my last request
 Take me out of this world
 God please 
  Dont take the girl
 Johnny's daddy was taking him fishing
 When he was eight years old
   Nikolas dropped to his knees right there in the middle of the hallway outside of the operating room. Lucky and Zander joined him, and all three brothers prayed that they hadn't just gained a child, but lost the love of their lives in the process. As the last notes of the song hung in the stillness of the air, they waited to hear the sound of the machines that would mean that their fiancee's would come back to them.

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