Chapter 41
The Boxcar


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A week later
Helena's Yacht
    On a chilly early April morning Helena stood in the living room of her yacht plotting revenge against the Spencers. "I believe Americans call this day April Fool's Day, well what a fitting day to finally decide how and when to bring down the whole Spencer family," Helena said, laughing to herself.
   "Madam is pleased this morning," Andreas said, coming out from the bedroom.
   "I require a few hours of privacy Andreas, please see that no one bothers me until I say otherwise," Helena ordered, waving Andreas away with one manicured hand.
   "Let's see, I could be bold enough to send one of my men into that pitiful excuse of a secure penthouse that Sonny Corinthos has Autumn and the others stored in, but that would be almost a suicide mission. I could wait until the girls are stupid enough to leave the penthouse, but that would be too easy to get caught, doing this in public," Helena said, carefully studying the vial of red liquid in her right hand, it was the same color as her nail polish and shimmered in the sunlight coming in from the portals.
   Helena read the directions, "Used to cause the abrubt expulsion of fetal tissue in a pregnant women, also used to start labor quickly for trouble labors, and to prevent blood clots from forming by anti-coagulating the blood to 1/2 its original density," Helena read, smiling as she realized that this serum would not only cause a violent miscarriage, but would most likely also kill Elizabeth, Emily, and Autumn as well by causing them to bleed to death.
   "You deserve this and a hundered times more for causing my beloved son to fall to his death, his blood is still on your hands Luke Spencer, if you wouldn't have found out that Nikolas is your son, my son would still be here," Helena said.
   "I still need to find a way to get this into their food, Sonny Corinthos is always cooking for them, I will just have to wait a little while longer, besides the longer I wait the more dramatic the miscarriage and the better chance that they will die as well," Helena said, letting out another cruel laugh. She had gone insane with revenge and bloodlust. She set the vial down on the mantle and walked back to the bedroom, calling out to Andreas, "Madam requests your services once again my pet," she said as she lay on the big oak bed.

Chapter 42