Chapter 36
The Boxcar


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About A Week Later
    Nikolas and Zander were doing much better, and Bobbie told them that they could go visit everyone today, finally after a week of laying in bed worrying about their fiancee's they could go see them. They had sent notes to Emily and I via Lucky's daily visits, but Nikolas knew that I needed to see him.
    I was doing much better, and had pulled myself out of my "safe place" once again. I had talked with Laura, Elizabeth, and Emily about my feelings and thoughts, and I was no longer upset and depressed, anger had taken over, I was angry that Helena had managed to turn everything into a nightmare again, just when things were going so well. Lucky had also been a big help, staying with us at night, talking with us, and getting us ice and water. Our morning sickness had started, and eating was becoming a challenge. Also we were getting sick of being told to stay in bed and be strong.
    After lunch Bobbie and Amy wheeled Nikolas and Zander into the room and said that they could stay for an hour before they had physical therapy. Nikolas wheeled himself to my side immediately and tears welled in his eyes when he saw how pale I looked lying in the bed. "Autumn, what's wrong, you look like you did after you were attacked, so small and fragile," he said, letting his tears fall. I too was crying, but they were happy tears, as I tried to figure out how to tell him that he was going to be a father.
    "Nikolas, it's okay, I am fine, I was just scared that I had hurt you, or our ba..." I cut myself off, not wanting to tell him just like that.
   "Our, are you pregnant?" he asked, his voice getting louder and then quieting down again when he realized he might scare me.
    "Yes, I am, I was going to tell you but then Helena starting making threats again, and I kept having nightmares about her stealing our baby and killing it in front of us, then we got into the accident, that..that witch did this to us to try to kill our baby," I said, the anger taking over.
    "I know...calm down, I don't think getting all worked up is good for our baby," he said, letting his hand brush my stomach through the blankets.
    "Zander I have something to tell you too," Emily said softly from the other side of the room.
    "What is it Emily, are you okay?" Zander asked.
    "I am also pregnant," Emily said simply.
    "Oh my god, that is so great," Zander said lovingly.
    "I am surprised that Lucky or Luke didn't tell you guys before," Elizabeth said, letting her hand slide protectively over her stomach as she shifted positions in bed.
    "You are pregnant too," Nikolas asked, in shock.
    "It happened New Year's Eve, I guess we all did have a good night that night," Elizabeth said smiling.
    "Wait, little brother, you knew and you didn't say anything?" Nikolas said.
    "It wasn't my place, Autumn and Emily needed to tell you guys themselves," Lucky said.
    We were interupted by a loud conversation going on outside the door, which finally ended with Luke, Laura, Bobbie, Carly, and Sonny walking into the room.
    "Alright enough of the mushy reunion," Luke said joking around.
    "What are you guys doing here?" Nikolas asked.
    Before he answered, Luke looked around the room carefully. He seemed to be searching for something.
    "What are you looking for Luke?" I asked quietly.
    "Just making sure Hells didn't bug the room before we finish our conversation, but she must be slipping I don't see anything," Luke said.
    "Stefan stripped her of her hospital board privleges after the whole secret lab/biotoxin thing came to light, she can't get any of her goons in here unless she already had people on the inside, but Stefan covered his bases pretty carefully," Nikolas said.
    "Anyway, we are trying to figure out where to send you guys so you aren't sitting ducks for Mama Bat and her henchmen," Luke said.
    "Is that why Sonny and Carly are here?" Elizabeth asked.
    "Yes, they have an idea, I don't know how it would work, but at least its a start," Luke said.
    "What's the idea?" Lucky asked.
    "Well first, you guys all need to get out of the hospital, you are easy targets in here," Sonny said.
    "But the girls are on bedrest and Nikolas and Zander aren't fully recovered yet, what if something happens to them or to the babies?" Lucky asked.
    "Well, if you would let me finish explaining the idea, I think I have that figured out," Sonny said.
    "Go ahead," Autumn said quietly.
    "I need to move you somewhere, where I can have 24 hour medical attention available in case anything happens, I was going to move you to a safe house, but Carly came up with a better idea, where you will be even safer." Sonny said.
    "What did you come up with Sweet Caroline," Luke said interrupting.
    "I know that I don't always get along with Elizabeth, or Emily for that matter, but you are family now especially, and I think its time to come to a truce," Carly said honestly.
    "Get to the idea darlin, we don't have all day," Luke said.
    "Luke, hush," Laura admonished.
    "Well, the penthouse has plenty of room, and its a safe place..." Carly said.
    "Since when, its had a bomb sent to it, and Sorel got right in with no problem, then Sonny blew it up, I don't think..." Luke said.
    "Sorel is dead, there will be no more security breaches," Sonny said.
    "Anyway, there is a "secret room" in the penthouse that Sonny told me about, you guys could stay there, that way even if someone did come looking for you, they wouldn't know where you were, because you wouldn't be in the main part of the penthouse. Sonny already has a couple of doctors who passed the security screening, and some extra body guards, Bobbie can come and do some medical things too, and the babies can be born right there if they need to be," Carly finished.
    "Hopefully we can be rid of psycho-granny before our children are born," Elizabeth said.
    "But if not, the penthouse is as safe a place, actually safer than any safe house I could find, including the island, since you girls can't fly, and this way Luke and Laura can come to visit, under the guise that I am a partner in the club again," Sonny said.
    "It sounds like a good plan, I trust you Sonny, after all that you have done for me," Zander said.
    "I agree, and I could see Michael before he forgets about me," Emily said.
    "You have helped us out, tracking down Faison, Steve, and Tom," Lucky said, noticing that Elizabeth and I both panicked slightly at the mention of Tom's name.
    "And you helped me before, when Lucky was brainwashed, to fool Helena into thinking I was dead," Elizabeth said.
    "Well, I have my doubts, but if everyone else likes the idea, I guess we are in too, since we have to stay together so Helena can't use one of us to get to the rest," Nikolas said.
    "When do we get out of here, I hate hospitals, especially around Valentine's Day," Autumn said, trying to smile to lighten the mood.
    "Well its settled then, whenever the doctors say you can be released we will transport everyone over to the penthouse and get you settled in," Sonny said.
    "How about tomorrow morning, is that early enough?" Bobbie asked.
    "Really, you don't know how much I want to get out of the hospital," I said excitedly.
    "It's a deal then, tomorrow you will be released, and I will come over to the penthouse to "see Carly" later in the day. Remember you girls still need to stay in bed with very little movement, at least for now, and Nikolas and Zander still need to take it easy as well, we will have to figure something out as far as physical therapy goes," Bobbie said.
    "I think we should all clear out in case The Black Widow has spies in the hospital still, this looks a little suspicious if we have too many "outside" people in the room," Luke said, scanning the hallway for spies through the small window in the room.
    "Its time for Nikolas and Zander to come with me and Amy anyway for therapy, tomorrow will be here before you know it and then you guys can be together," Bobbie said pausing to allow Zander and Nikolas to kiss Emily and I on the forehead before she wheeled them out of the room.
    Lucky stayed with us, getting some ice chips from the machine outside since we couldn't keep anything more substantial down right now. Then we fell asleep thinking of the next day when we would "disappear" from Port Charles,  until our children were born, or at least until Helena payed for what she had done. 

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