Chapter 27
The Boxcar


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About a week later
    The phone rang as Lucky was getting ready to go to the cottage to plan the Valentine's Day surprise with Nikolas and Zander. The girls were shopping for the afternoon and the guys needed to talk about their plans. Lucky picked it up on the third ring, "Hello," he said. "Lucky, do you have a minute?" Sonny said. "Did you find something?" Lucky asked. "My men figured out where Tom and Steve are staying, and Lucky, we figured out who the other man was, you might want to sit down for this," Sonny said. "Who is it Sonny?" Lucky asked. "It's Faison, he's still alive, for now, but we can get rid of them today," Sonny said. "Do it, I don't want Faison anywhere near the girls, Tom or Steve either for that matter, did you track down Helena and her not-so-dead evil spawn?" Lucky asked.
    "Not yet, but I will keep the men on it, and I will put a couple extra guys on guard duty for the girls," Sonny said. "Just give them a message from Nikolas and I, tell them that they are the lowest lifeforms on earth and they are getting exactly what they deserve," Lucky said. "I will be happy to deliver the message, I will let you know when it's done," Sonny said. "Thank you again Sonny, I owe you," Lucky said. "Just keep the girls happy and leave the rest up to me, oh, and don't tell anyone except Nikolas and Zander what we talked about," Sonny said. "No problem, I have to go meet them at the cottage now," Lucky said hanging up the phone.
The Cottage
    "What took you so long?" Nikolas said as he and Zander met Lucky at the door. They were halfway to the car before Lucky answered, "I got a call from Sonny, he found Tom, Steve, and the mystery friend, you will never guess who it is," he said. "Who is it?" Zander asked. "Faison, seems that Helena was keeping him hidden away for a rainy day too, but Sonny is taking care of them as we speak, 3 down 2 to go," Lucky said. "Good, let's go get the other part of the surprise now, and stop thinking about that for awhile," Nikolas said. They drove around getting things ready for their Valentine's Dinner at Luke's. They had decided to have a private celebration, except for Luke and Laura who were also celebrating at the club, ending at Kelly's as usual, if that didn't bring back too many painful memories for Autumn, otherwise they would just stay at Luke's.
Mercy Hospital
    "I hope the guys aren't mad that we lied to them," Elizabeth said, shifting positions in the hard chairs in the waiting room. "I don't think they will be, after all this will be a huge surprise for them, to know that they will be fathers pretty soon." I said nerviously. Ever since we had taken the tests last week and found out we were pregnant I had the same nightmare every night. Helena came into the cottage and she stole our baby and killed it right in front of Nikolas and I. It was so bad that I hadn't slept in 3 days and I couldn't eat anything so I was losing weight instead of gaining.
    "The doctor can see you guys now," the nurse called out. We had asked for permission to go in together and the doctor had agreed. Emily was checked first, then Elizabeth, and finally I was examined. It was confirmed that we were about 5 weeks pregnant and that we all needed to eat better and get more sleep. They gave us our prenatal vitamins and information, and scheduled appointments for next month for the first ultrasound. Hopefully by then the business with Helena would calm down, I thought, then I can bring Nikolas to see his baby, otherwise it would have to remain a secret among us girls. We decided to go to Wyndam's for a half hour and pick something out so the guys would think we were actually shopping all day, then we stopped for something to eat.
Back at the Cottage
    The phone was ringing as Nikolas struggled to open the door. Lucky grabbed it on the 4th ring, "Hello," he said. "Lucky, I am glad I caught you." Sonny said. "Have you done it?" Lucky asked. "They are gone, you don't need to know where, but I have proof for you, Nikolas, and Zander that they won't be bothering the girls again, I will have Johnny bring it over, it's a little graphic so you might not want to show the girls." Sonny said. "Thank you," Nikolas said loudly. "Tell Nikolas he is welcome, and Lucky, I gave them your message, Faison laughed and the others made some pretty ugly comments about Autumn, but they got the message when we roughed them up a little more than necessary." Sonny said. "I'm sure you were very persuasive," Lucky said, as they ended the call, just as we walked in the door with a few shopping bags in our hands.
    "I hope you girls got yourself something nice to wear for Valentine's Day," Zander said. "You'll just have to wait and see won't you," I said as we retreated upstairs. "They are being awfully secretive, do you think they are planning something for us?" Nikolas asked. "I doubt it, just some pressing girl talk thing they needed to sort out, or a last minute make-up fixup before dinner, by the way what is for dinner tonight anyway?" Lucky asked laughing. "Chinese?" Zander asked. "We just had that 2 nights ago, how about Eli's?" Lucky said. "We just had ribs last night, how about I order from that new Mexican place?" Nikolas said searching the drawer for the collection of takeout menus.
    We came downstairs after taking our vitamins and cleaning up a little bit. "So boys what's for dinner we are starving?" I said walking into the kitchen. We had decided to see if the guys could tell we were pregnant yet by wearing the tightest pair of pants we owned, but from the looks on their faces they couldn't tell. "How about Mexican girls?" Lucky asked. "Sounds good, make sure to get extra sour cream," Emily said. "And extra cheese," I said suddenly having a craving for cheddar cheese even though it was a bit early for cravings.
    We had a nice relaxed dinner and then tried to pester the guys into telling us what they had planned for Valentine's Day. All they would tell us is that we could go to Kelly's like we did with every holiday, if that was okay. That made me think about what the day meant to Elizabeth and I, 5 years ago for her and 1 year ago for me we were attacked in the same place by the same man. "Please, let's go to Kelly's it's time to put the past behind us," I said, and Elizabeth agreed with me. Everyone left about an hour later and Nikolas and I went to bed. Finally for the first night in close to a week I was able to sleep without the same horrid nightmare playing over and over again in my head.

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