Chapter 23
The Boxcar


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The Cottage
    "My father is dead," Nikolas said, staring the strange man right in the eye. "That's what they wanted you to believe," Stavros said sternly. "Who is they? Luke Spencer pushed you down a flight of stairs after you tried to rape Laura right in front of him, you got exactly what you deserved," Nikolas said. My grip on his arm tightened when he said that and he realized that I was starting to panic, flashing back to my own rape. "Luke Spencer did push me but he obviously didn't kill me, mother had me nursed back to health and I stayed away until I was needed." Stavros said, looking me over with disgust in his eyes. "You are not wanted here, you are scaring my girlfriend," Nikolas said squeezing my hand to reassure me.
    "So this is the peasant you are throwing your heritage away for? Obviously she is damaged goods and definitely not sutable for The future Prince," Stavros said in disgust. "She is not a peasant, and I am no longer a part of the stupid Cassadine Legacy," Nikolas said. "That will change my son, that will soon change, and first things first, I must get you away from the Spencers and this common tramp," Stavros said.
    "Our conversation is finished I do not wish to see you anywhere near my mother, brother, sister, or Luke Spencer, because once he finds out that he missed killing you the first time, he will not hesitate in making sure you are gone for good and I most certainly will not stop him, in fact I will be in the front row cheering him on." Nikolas said opening the door for his..for him. "This isn't over Brephos, remember where you come from, it is in your destiny," Stavros said. "Oh please spare me the it's in my destiny speech, Luke Spencer has been more of a father to me lately than you ever were,  you are dead to me, you have been since before I can remember and you sure as hell will be as long as I remember what happened tonight, go back to Helena and tell her that her little plan failed and remove your presence from MY house immediately." Nikolas said. Stavros walked out the door and muttered "This isn't over Brephos, it won't be over until I say it's over." he said as he let out an evil laugh.
    I had gone and sat on the couch while he was confronting his "father." Yet he was all worried about me. I had retreated into a ball, the words about me being worthless were bringing me right back to the place where Tom and Steve could hurt me.
    He stood over me offering his hand but I was too focused on what Stavros had said about me and how I felt about it to even notice. He picked up on the expression on my face and how scared I had been when Stavros walked in and picked me up off the couch and carried me upstairs to his room. He laid me on his bed and then went to get me something to wear besides my dress. I managed to change into a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt of Nikolas's before I curled up into a ball again and sobbed. Just when things were starting to go right, something has to come along and make us take 2 steps back, he thought. Nikolas held me all night watching as I cried and slowly letting his own tears mingle with mine as we held on to each other and our love to get through, but would it be enough.

Chapter 24