Chapter 21
The Boxcar


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An Undisclosed Location
    "I see my first plan didn't work," Helena mused to Andreas. "What is Madam going to do about it?" Andreas asked. "I am going to have to use Plan B early, I've had her attacked, I have warned her repeatedly, even subconciously, and still she insists on clinging onto Nikolas," Helena said. Her eyes were cold and calculating and Andreas felt a shiver of fear for Autumn. He knew that Helena would not hesitate to kill her and anyone else who stood in the way. "Andreas go bring my guests to the dining room, we have some planning to do," Helena said, letting out a cruel chuckle, "She will never know what is happening until it is too late, and I will have everything my darling Mikkos left behind." she said.
    Andreas seated Madam's guests in the dining room as she had asked and then retreated. He did not care to make pleasant conversation with any of the men in the room. Helena entered in her normally over the top sophisticated way and took the seat at the head of the table, the seat of power, which she would soon possess again.
    "I do not see why you ordered me here, I thought our business was done after our last failure?" said one man with a faint accent. "You mean after YOUR failure, I am going to give you another chance my dear, maybe you will prove to be useful after all, as for the rest of you I hope you are feeling better?" Helena said as a tall muscular man poured her and her guests drinks.
    "So do tell us what your great unbeatable plan is for this little girl?" one of the men asked. "Don't you worry about that just now, your part comes later along with our other special guest." she said. "Isn't it time for introductions Helena?" the older man said putting out his cigar. "Oh yes how could I forget, this is Tom and his friend Steve, they are the ones responsible for raping Autumn and nearly killing her, until Nikolas got in the way and helped her live, and worse yet fell in love with her. Tom, Steve this is a very good business partner of mine, he has had a hard time lately getting "lucky" with his last jobs. This my young gentlmen is Cesar Faison." she finished. "And who is our final mystery guest my dear Helena?" Faison asked slightly rudely. " This is my pride and joy Prince Stavros Cassadine," she said embracing her beloved son. "I thought he died, a long time ago thanks to Luke Spencer?" Faison said. "I was just saving his resurrection for a rainy day, and it just started pouring," Helena said proudly.

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