Chapter 19
The Boxcar


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The next morning
    I started to wake up slowly, feeling the weight of someone or something holding me in place on the bed. I started to panic but I made myself open my eyes and realized that it was just Nikolas. He had his arm wrapped around me and his other hand tangled in my hair. I remembered asking him last night to stay with me and I relaxed. I could feel the love projecting from him as he lay there trying to protect me from the images that haunted me in my sleep. I had decided to go see Gail, something that Elizabeth had suggested last night, so I tapped Nikolas on the arm to wake him up. "What's wrong, am I hurting, or scaring you?" he asked groggy from sleep, his hair hanging in his face a little. I brushed it back off his face, "No, I just decided to go see Gail before the dinner tonight and I thought we should get going, Elizabeth said that she is going to be there on her break for a quick session," I said.
   We went to the hospital and I talked to Gail for a little while. She gave me a CD to listen to when I had a lot of nightmares and we decided to talk once a week, or more if necessary. Then Nikolas brought me to the mall quickly to go shopping for a few new things including something to wear to the Quartermaine's for dinner. By the time we had shopped and gone back to the cottage to change it was time to pick everyone else up.
The Mansion
    "Hey are we late," Nikolas said, noticing that Emily pulled the door open as soon as he had knocked. "No, I'm just a little nervous, Grandfather is in one of his moods, and he started 2 little arguements with Zander already," she said leading us into the living room. "How lovely to see you again my dear," Lila said, wheeling herself over to get a better look at me. "It's nice to see you again Mrs. Quartermaine," I said giving her a kiss on the cheek. "Please, call me Lila, and I do hope the wheelchair is only temporary?" she said. "Yes, it is, I will be able to use crutches in a few days, well whenever Nikolas lets me," I said watching Nikolas banter with Lucky and Zander across the room. "I told you to keep this one Autumn my dear, I have a sense about these things," Lila said smiling. "He is a great friend," I said wheeling myself over to the guys. "Autumn, do you need anything?" Nikolas said. "No Nikolas I'm fine for now. Where's your grandfather Emily?" I asked.
    "Did I hear someone asking about me?" Edward said coming out from the dining room. "Darling, Cook said that dinner will be ready in 15 minutes. Where is Reginald anyway, why do we even have servants?" he continued to grumble. "Do I hear father grumbling again?" Alan said as he and Monica entered the room with AJ right behind them. "Grandfather is always yelling for Reginald, what else is new," AJ said. "Well you are sober, or pretending at least, for once, and I am allowing that, that deviant in my house," Edward ranted. "It's my house Edward," Monica said. "Only because I gave it to you, " Alan chimed in. "Put a sock in it Edward, Emily's half-sister Autumn is here and we don't want to tire her with our old arguements so soon after she got out of the hospital," Lila said from the door to the patio. Dinner went pretty well and we sat and talked for a little while afterwards in Emily's room. Lila had shown Nikolas where her elevator was and we rode upstairs with her. About 2 hours later we decided to leave so that I could hopefully go to sleep without the severe nightmares.
The Cottage
    We had just gotten back and were getting ready to go upstairs to bed when someone knocked on the door and Helena walked in before Nikolas could answer it. "Hello Nikolas, I hope I wasn't interupting anything?" she said sweetly. "Actually Grandmother I was about to help Autumn to bed it has been a long day," he said disgustedly. "Oh so this is the Autumn I have heard so much about?" she said offering her hand to me. I did not shake her hand, instead the purse that was in my right hand dropped onto the coffee table spilling it's contents. "How have you heard about Autumn," Nikolas asked, noticing my reaction to Helena's presence.
    "The whole hospital is talking about the miracle girl who was so viciously attacked and still is making a full recovery, especially after no one thought she would survive and thought it might be better if she didn't live, with all those injuries." She said smiling evily. "Leave Grandmother, you have done your damage, I am taking Autumn upstairs and I expect you to be gone when I come back down," he said. "Very well then, goodnight Autumn, I wish you well," she said icily.
    While Nikolas was carrying me upstairs Helena noticed one of the things that had spilled out of my bag was my relaxation CD from Gail. "Perfect," she smiled, reaching into her purse and withdrawing another identical CD. She removed the relaxation CD from the case and inserted her CD. "That should do it, the sooner you are under my control the better for everyone, especially Nikolas, Sweet Dreams my dear." Helena said laughing as she walked out of the cottage.

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