Chapter 10
The Boxcar


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The Park
    Instantly I struggled against the hands that had ripped me from the bench and were now dragging me into the dark bushes. I tried to scream but his voice echoed clearly in my ears. "Not A Word, bad girl trying to scream and ruin our time together, don't you miss our special time?" Tom said throwing me into the bushes and sitting on top of me. His mere presence made me sick. "How pretty you look tonight my little girl, all dressed up for your prince, such a shame that you will never see him again." He chuckled. I prayed that he didn't notice all of my birthday presents, and he didn't, he was to preoccupied with pulling something out of his pocket. "Happy birthday Agie, a little late but I was out of the country for awhile for business, that's why you haven't been getting any letters or phone calls, did you miss me honey?" he asked taking his hand off of my mouth for a moment. I used this time to try to scream, anything to attract the attention of the few people in the park tonight, but he realized what I was about to do and put his hand over my mouth even tighter. Then I felt the cold sharp point of a large knife against my throat. "Shame on you little girl, bad girls get punished," he said.
    I still struggled against his weight trying to move away from him. He grazed my neck with the knife and I felt the trickle of blood begin to seep out. I moved again and he grabbed my hair, which was down, and yanked my head down towards the ground. All I saw were the bright stars coming closer and closer, swirling and making me dizzy. "You should have gone away when you had the chance, now I am going to kill you finally, and then go after your boyfriend, Lucky and Zander ,and then Elizabeth again, she was so pretty in red, and finally your sweet young half-sister Emily." he said, smiling because he knew I did not know that Emily was my sister. I started crying, wimpering really, and that made him laugh. "The night is just starting for us," he said cutting my dress up the side.
    I shivered as the freezing winter air assulted my skin and he started to rape me. I blocked out the feeling of him touching me, as I always had in the past, but this time was different. It hurt so much more and I felt him pull on my legs so hard that one hip came out of joint. I couldn't help but scream, but it came out as a painful wimper. He slapped me across the face 4 or 5 times, jerking my head back and forth with each slap and proceeded to stab me in the side and the back. He raped me 3 or 4 times then kicked me over and over again. I felt my sides explode in pain and I prayed to slip into unconsciousness, but it never came.
    He grabbed the knife again and slid the flat part over my stomach. "Where should I stab you, hmmm, over here above your liver, over your lung, or should I just slit your miserable trampy throat right now?" he said making small cuts in each spot he mentioned. I moaned and tried to move. This angered him so he grabbed one of my wrists and sliced it from side to side, laughing as the blood started spurting freely. Then he grabbed the other wrist and did the same. He laid my arms across my chest, as if I were dead and being buried and then trailed the knife across my cheeks, first one and then the other, leaving deep gashes. Then he said, "This is my final warning, I told you I would win you worthless tramp, just like your mother, what a pity, you showed so much promise." I struggled to move away from him, " I am not a cheap whore, Nikolas loves me and wants to marry me," I said quietly and weakly. He laughed and slapped me around a little more before he stood up.
    Finally he left my side, redressing carefully. He took the flower out of my hair and placed it in my hands making sure my blood spilled over its petals staining them almost black. He left quickly wiping my blood off of his knife with a piece of material he had cut from my dress and shoving it in a backpack he had outside of the bushes, near the bench.
   I laid there for almost 15 minutes, bleeding and starting to go numb from the cold air. I finally dared to try to crawl, as Elizabeth had done out of the bushes to freedom, but I couldn't move at all. I sunk back into the pile of snow and prayed for it to end soon, saying a silent tear filled farewell to my friends, and especially my sister Emily, and my first love Nikolas. The stars zoomed closer and closer begging me to join them as they spun around through the sky. I closed my eyes, but I couldn't let go. I finally let out the scream that had been building since Tom had dragged me off the bench, but it was so weak that no one could have heard me, if anyone was around at all.

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