Chapter 8
The Boxcar


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Nikolas's Cottage
    After what had happened after the Nurse's Ball, everyone sat there not speaking or moving the entire time while Nikolas was putting me in bed upstairs. As he came back down, Elizabeth noticed the note lying on the floor under the table. She picked it up and read it. Immediately she started crying. Emily picked up the note and read it outloud.
    Nikolas grabbed his cell phone and called the PCPD, to make sure Tom was still in prision. "Detective Taggert, PCPD, how can I help you?" Taggert answered gruffly. "Yes this is Nikolas Cassadine, I was wondering if you had any current information on the whereabouts of Tom Baker?" Nikolas said in his business voice. "Nikolas, you know I can't give you that information without a good explanation, why do you want to know?" Taggart said. "Because he has been sending threatening notes to my friend Autumn and I want to know if he is a threat to her, Emily, and Elizabeth," Nikolas said. "What connection does Tom have to Autumn?" Taggert asked sounding confused. "Well from what she has told me, and what the note says, he was her step-father at one point, and he wants something from her," Nikolas said quietly, as fear crept into his voice. "Let me check on that, and I will call you right back," Taggert said.
    About 20 minutes later Taggert called back and said, "I am afraid I have some bad news for you, Tom was transferred out to California about a year ago, seems they wanted him for a list offenses as long as both my arms, drug dealing, prostitution, armed robbery, DUI, and too many others to count, including spousal abuse. I just found out from the jail there that he escaped about a month ago and hasn't been seen since," Taggert said, literally hearing Emily, Elizabeth, and now Autumn's world crashing down again. "Thank you Taggert, now we know to be on the lookout, we've beat him before, we can do it again." Nikolas said.
    He told everyone else the news of how truely dangerous Tom was and that he was free again and either in or on his way to Port Charles to have his revenge on Emily, Elizabeth and I. Five friends sat waiting for their lives to be turned upside down, while upstairs one of the friends was fighting to make it through this nightmare alive. She knew he WOULD kill her it was a just a question of when, where, and how many of her new friends would be hurt in the process.

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