Chapter 6
The Boxcar


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L&B/Chloe Morgan Designs Office
    "Can you help me Chloe, my friends and I agreed to be in the Nurse's Ball, and Zander and Autumn need formal clothes for the night," Elizabeth said. "What are you doing for the show," Chloe asked, as she looked for something on her desk. "We are doing Summer Nights from Grease, have you seen that movie?" Elizabeth asked. "I love that movie, here you go, it's a book of some of the latest designs, have Autumn look through it and pick out a dress. I will order Zander a tux from the line, and they will be here about a day after I get the dress order." Chloe said. "Thanks, I will help Autumn find a dress, and let Zander know he has something to wear, and I will let you know tomorrow morning." Elizabeth said.
Nikolas's Cottage
    The boys were driving me crazy complaining about how they had to run around all day getting props while we girls sat around. "Well Elizabeth did go find our costumes, I am only sitting around because Nikolas is being waaay overprotective," I said giggling as Nikolas got all flustered. Elizabeth walked in the door at this moment and set a rather large book in front of me, "I stopped by Chloe Morgan Designs and had her order a tux for you Zander, and here is a book of dresses Autumn, you are supposed to pick one out and I will let Chloe know tomorrow. Do you need any help?" she asked me.
    "That would be great, I have no idea what to get for this Ball," I said starting to look through the book. "Wow these dresses are great, but they are so expensive, even working triple time at Kelly's I wouldn't have enough and I am sure that the Prince over here won't let me work that much, and neither will Mr. Spe...uh Luke, thanks to my little fainting spell." I said showing how ashamed I was of what had happened. "I just want to make sure you are okay," Nikolas said, blushing as he realized he had just admitted he cared about me in front of everyone. Everyone else just smiled at Nikolas and I and our obvious feelings, which we were both denying.
    Finally after 2 hours of looking at dresses I decided on a long dark green dress. It had a rhinestone choker-like collar, no sleeves, no back, and the top revealed just enough to make guys take notice. Emily, Elizabeth, and I planned a girls day the day before the ball to make ourselves beautiful. When the boys heard this they rolled their eyes, but I heard Zander and Lucky ask Emily and Elizabeth why they needed to be made more beautiful, they were already perfect. Then Nikolas said the same thing to me, and I just smiled and gave him a quick hug and kiss on the cheek.
The Next Day
    We went to pick up our outfits for the Nurse's Ball. We were really happy with the jackets for the T-birds and Pink Ladies, the yellow dress for me (I was Sandy), and the the tight black pants outfit (and T-birds jacket) for Nikolas (who was Danny). Then we went to Chloe Morgan Designs and told Chloe which dress I wanted for the rest of the night. "Great choice, this is one of the most popular lines right now, and I know the perfect jewelery to go with this dress," Chloe said. "How am I supposed to pay for this beautiful dress, let alone jewelry, I don't have much money, and I need to save the little I do have just in case, " I said, thinking that it was almost time to leave for a new town again. "Don't worry about it, the dress is a gift, you will be wearing an original Chloe Morgan gown, so my name will get out there, and the jewelry is borrowed from the jeweler in town, he always loans his pieces out."Chloe said.
    "Oh sort of like the Oscars, when all the designers are fighting over who gets to wear their newest design, and the jewelers always loan out 4 million dollar necklaces and rings, Thank you Chloe, I love the dress, " I said. "No problem, have fun, I am excited to see all the acts this year." Chloe said. "Yeah I wonder if Lucy will end up in her underwear again, she does every year, except for last year, which is too bad, she wrecked a 6 year streak," Lucky said. Then we all left to practice in our costumes for about 2 hours.
    Time flew by and all of a sudden it was the night of the Nurse's Ball. We were nervous but excited as well. I was happy to have one more happy memory at least to take with me when I had to leave all my friends in Port Charles.

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